This bizarre kitchen hack for removing egg yolks is genius

Sarah Carty
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

If, like us, you’re a fan of baking but know you’re no Nigella Lawson, then this easy hack is for you.

Foodie Ivan Chernyshev, who runs his own YouTube account called Foodlifehacks, shared a video which shows wannabe chefs a foolproof way of separating egg yolks from whites.

Instead of causing a mess in the kitchen trying to spoon the yolk out of a bowl of egg whites, Ivan instead uses an everyday item to suck it straight out.

A YouTube has shared his bizarre hack for separating egg yolks from whites. Photo: Storyful

Ivan can be seen in the video above cracking eggs into a bowl and taking a plastic bottle to separate the yolks from the whites.

He simply releases all the air from the empty bottle before placing it over the egg yolk and then squeezing the end of it as hard as he can.

The bottle not only sucks up all the air from around it, but it also brings the egg yolk with it.

The hack seems a lot simpler than chef Martha Stewart’s method of separating the yolks and whites, with her website telling cooks to use three different bowls.

He uses a plastic bottle to suck up the egg yolks from the bowl. Photo: Storyful

They claim the best way is to crack the egg into your hand and let the white slip through your fingers and into the first bowl.

Then, Martha Stewart’s website says to transfer the yolk into a second bowl, before putting all the whites into a third bigger bowl to keep them together.

There’s also the age-old method people use of cracking the egg shell in half, before transferring the yolk back and forth between both sides until all the whites have dripped into a bowl underneath.

But let’s face it, that never ends well and most of us usually end up with egg all over ourselves.

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