Bizarre hugging optical illusion baffles the internet

Kristine Tarbert
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A photo of a man and a woman hugging has left the internet completely confused.

All is not as it seems in the image, which was taken an office desk, and quickly went viral after it was shared on Twitter.

If you’re confused at first glance, don’t worry. So were most people.

The post has since received over 1,500 comments, been retweeted almost 45,000 times and had nearly 100,000 likes.

Initially it appears as though the man is wearing the heels, while hugging the woman sitting at the desk. But on closer inspection, it’s actually the other way around.

The way their heads are angled makes it look like the man is the one standing.

The illusion had people confused. Photo: Twitter
Some needed help to figure it out. Photo: Twitter
Too hard. Photo: Twitter

And while some quickly figured out the illusion – with some help – one woman was adamant the man was wearing heels.

“He IS wearing those heels cause his neck is in the collar of THAT shirt,” the woman wrote.

This woman was certain. Photo: Twitter
She could only see the man in the blue shirt. Photo: Twitter

Thankfully there were plenty of people ready to help others solve the puzzling image.

“Turn your phone sideways, that is literally the only way you’ll see that he’s not wearing heels,” one person tweeted.

Photo: Twitter
The solution. Photo: Twitter

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