'She is a bit bored': Experts analyse Meghan Markle's body language

Meghan Markle’s new life as a royal comes with more than it’s fair share of public scrutiny.

Sure, being the Duchess of Sussex comes with some perks (mostly clothing wise) but as soon as Markle said “I do” every move she will make for the rest of her public life will be analyzed.

That being said, following her first solo engagement with the Queen in Cheshire, a body language expert says that Markle looked ‘a bit bored.’

Markle has been known to play with her hair, a sign many attribute to nerves in her new public role.

However, several times throughout her day with the Queen, Markle was seen ‘fidgeting’ with her hands as she conversed with local officials.

An expert has analysed Meghan Markle’s body language. Photo: Getty Images

Toby Ingham, a British psychotherapist, analyzed footage of Markle for the Daily Mail from her appearance with Her Majesty to open the Mersey Gateway Bridge in which Markle adjusts her dress and her purse, plays with her earring, and fixes her hair within seconds.

Ingham notes that her behaviour is possibly due to lack of interest in conversation with David Parr, chief executive of Halton Council in the town where the event was held.

‘It appears that the man on Meghan’s right is the cause of her fidgetiness. It looks like she is rather distracted by his interest, information and conversation than anything to do with the Queen,” Ingham revealed. 

Ingham also notes that despite her pleasant manner, Markle appears distracted.

Her facial expressions are enthusiastic, but then it appears her concentration and interest fades.

Meghan kept fiddling with her hair, which is a pure sign of nerves. Photo: Getty Images
Experts believe Meghan was also fiddling with her bag. Photo: Getty Images

“She is distracted by where to place her bag. Her busy fidgety hands may be giving away this lack of interest.”

Another body language expert suggests Markle’s behaviour was the result of feeling uneasy without her ‘wingman,’ Prince Harry.

Judi James said she obviously just wanted to impress the Queen on their first solo appearance.

Both experts however, agree on one thing: The Queen is obviously very fond of Meghan Markle.

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