Bindi Irwin: Meet my boyfriend!

From the day Steve and Terri Irwin presented baby Bindi to the whole of Australia, we've watched her grow up before our eyes.

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Lovestruck comments and posts on the 15-year-old's Instagram account reveal a blossoming romance, with the young pair openly exchanging affections.

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The pair are believed to have been dating since September, with Bazz playfully warning off other admirers on one of Bindi's Instagram photos on September 28:

Bindi posted this pic with the caption "Three of my best just happens to be a tiger", featuring Bailey 'Bazz' Lancaster. Source: Instagram

"Mine. Back off boys. Getting pretty jelly."

And again two days later:

"Also, back off boys she's #mine."

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Returning the besotted teen's affections, Bindi responded:

"I am your biggest fan."

And from date nights at Taylor Swift's recent Brisbane concert to Bindi wearing the sweet ring Bazz bought her, it's clear they're like any other regular teenage couple - even sealing their parents' tick of approval!

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