Billy Ray Cyrus accuses ex of alienating him from family as divorce battle gets even uglier

Billy Ray alleged in new court papers that his ex tried to separate him from his family members (Getty Images for ACM)
Billy Ray alleged in new court papers that his ex tried to separate him from his family members (Getty Images for ACM)

Billy Ray Cyrus claimed in new court documents that his estranged wife Firerose tried to block one of his daughters from communicating with him amid their bitter divorce battle.

The 62-year-old country singer’s shocking accusation comes after weeks of mudslinging, with Cyrus even filing for a temporary restraining order from Firerose, claiming that she made $96,986 worth of unauthorized charges on his accounts. For her part, Firerose, 35, has claimed that she was set to undergo a preventative double mastectomy the day before Cyrus filed for divorce on May 22, and has accused him of verbal and psychological abuse during their relationship.

In the new court documents, obtained by The Independent, Billy Ray alleged that his estranged wife, whose real name is Johanna Rosie Hodges, tried to alienate him from his family members, including at least one of his daughters. The “Words by Heart” singer and his ex Tish Cyrus share three daughters — Brandi, 37, Miley, 31, and Noah, 24 — and two sons, Trace, 35, and Braison, 30.

“Since the Plaintiff filed his initial complaint, he discovered that the Defendant had been conducting a campaign to isolate the Plaintiff from his family,” his complaint reads. The document also claimed that Firerose took his phone and blocked one of his daughter’s numbers.

“He has discovered that the Defendant, unknowingly to Plaintiff, blocked at least one of his daughters from being able to contact him on his phone(s) or electronic devices,” the complaint continues.

In the new filing, Billy Ray Cyrus also alleged that Firerose lied about her identity. He claimed that she falsely said that “Hodges” was her maiden name and that she’d never been married before they tied the knot.

“During this time the Defendant repeatedly asserted that the Plaintiff was her soulmate," the motion reads. “And that the Defendant wanted Plaintiff to be her one and only Husband.”

Cyrus said that in May 2024 he found out the truth when he overheard her refering to herself “with a last name that he did not know” while she was speaking to the IRS.

The country singer’s shocking accusation comes after weeks of mudslinging (billyraycyrus/Instagram)
The country singer’s shocking accusation comes after weeks of mudslinging (billyraycyrus/Instagram)

Billy Ray’s legal team later obtained a copy of her 2014 California divorce judgment, which allegedly revealed Firerose’s past marriage and that the name “Hodges” belonged to her ex-husband.

The Independent has contacted representatives for Billy Ray and Firerose for comment.

The singer’s claim about his ex isolating him from his family comes weeks after Cyrus appeared to attempt to reconnect with his pop star daughter Miley amid rumors of a feud. Earlier this month, he took to Instagram to share a sweet throwback photo of him and Miley from when she was a baby, alongside a poem titled “The Moment” that he had written.

“I’m incredibly proud of her. She’s a survivor and a true artist. She learned early on to love and appreciate the fans who make everything possible,” he continued.

When he first filed for divorce, Cyrus cited irreconcilable differences and “inappropriate marital conduct” as the reasons for the split. He also listed their date of separation as May 22, 2024. In the legal documents, Cyrus requested an immediate annulment, with “claims his marriage was obtained by fraud.”

He later filed a temporary restraining order from his ex, which would keep Firerose from any “unauthorized” purchases through his personal and professional credit cards and accounts. The singer alleged that his estranged wife spent $96,986 through 37 unauthorized charges on his business account, with one of the charges being a $70,665 payment to her lawyers.

Firerose later responded to the divorce filing with claims that she “was the victim of extreme verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse” throughout their relationship, according to court documents obtained by People.

She also alleged that Cyrus filed for divorce only one day before she was set to undergo a preventative double mastectomy. The procedure was recommended by her doctors after she was found to be a carrier of the BRCA1 gene mutation, meaning she was more likely to develop breast cancer, court documents say.

Firerose claimed that as the date of the surgery approached, her estranged husband “continuously launched verbal assaults” at her.

“With Wife’s major surgery date looming, she was reasonably afraid to leave or seek any type of help because she feared that Husband would interfere with her surgery or her lengthy recovery at home,” the complaint reads. The document also alleged that while Cyrus went back on a “promise” to pay for her surgery.

In a statement to The Independent, Billy Ray’s legal team responded to Firerose’s allegations, claiming her remarks “are especially confusing and suspicious in its veracity since she begged [Billy Ray] to forgive her and take her back only two days after he filed his pleadings to dissolve his marriage.”

 (Courtesy of Billy Ray Cyrus’ legal team)
(Courtesy of Billy Ray Cyrus’ legal team)

“When Mr. Cyrus returned to his home two days after Ms. Hodges was required, by Court Order, to vacate his residence of over 25 years and allowed him to return, he discovered a handwritten note from Ms. Hodges professing her love and need to be with Mr. Cyrus,” the statement continues.

In the alleged handwritten note from Firerose, shared with The Independent, she expressed how much she missed her Billy Ray and wanted to work things out between them. Billy Ray’s legal team also shared a lengthy text message he received from her, “shortly after she was required to vacate his premarital residence.”

 (Courtesy of Billy Ray Cyrus’ legal team)
(Courtesy of Billy Ray Cyrus’ legal team)

In the text, she wrote: “I don’t want us to be on different sides fighting a war that nobody wins. I am going to do what you’re telling me because you promise me we can talk as soon as I’ve left and I trust you. I’m praying with my entire soul that we can find each other again today.”