Billy Ray Cyrus accused of domestic abuse in Firerose’s divorce filing response

Cyrus filed for divorce in May after 7 months of marriage.

Firerose is responding to Billy Ray Cyrus’ divorce filing, accusing him of multiple forms of abuse.

On Friday, the actress and model, who married the “Achy Breaky Heart” singer in October 2023, submitted her own divorce filing, which characterizes her as “the victim of extreme verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse,” according to documents obtained by PEOPLE. The complaint says that “Wife was subjected to Husband’s persistent drug use accompanied with the consumption of marijuana which made Husband unpredictable and volatile towards Wife.”

<p>Jason Kempin/Getty</p> Firerose and Billy Ray Cyrus

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Firerose and Billy Ray Cyrus

The complaint claims that when Cyrus submitted his original divorce filing in May, she was a day away from a preventative double mastectomy. It also states that Firerose, whose real name is Johanna Rosie Hodges, felt “unsafe” living with Cyrus, and in the weeks leading up to her surgery, he allegedly subjected her to “chaos” when he “continuously launched verbal assaults,” forcing her “into an emotional and psychological prison.”

"We regret that Ms. Hodges has chosen to litigate this 7-month marriage in the press and has left Mr. Cyrus with no recourse but to set the record straight,” Cyrus’ attorneys, Rose Palermo and Jason Talley, said in a statement, which included an attached document wherein Cyrus requested to submit “an amended and supplemental request for annulment and divorce.” “This pleading sets forth the specifics of the Mr. Cyrus' fraud allegations and proof of Mr. Cyrus' allegations that he was defrauded in his inducement to marry Ms. Hodges. The allegations that Ms. Hodges states in her answer and counter-complaint are especially confusing and suspicious in its veracity since she begged Mr. Cyrus to forgive her and take her back only 2 days after he filed his pleadings to dissolve his marriage.”

“When Mr. Cyrus returned to his home 2 days after Ms. Hodges was required, by Court Order, to vacate his residence of over 25 years and allowed him to return, he discovered a handwritten note from Ms. Hodges professing her love and need to be with Mr. Cyrus,” the statement continued, along with a photo of a handwritten note wherein Firerose allegedly said, “I miss you more than I can possibly explain in words Baby. Please let’s work this out and not become anything but closer out of this hellish experience.” If Mr. Cyrus was truly guilty of the allegations that Ms. Hodges alleges in her pleadings, then it is mindboggling to try and explain why she would want to return to live with him,” the statement also says, with an attached screenshot of a text message in which Firerose allegedly said, “I don’t want to live without you. Please give me a chance to make this right. I can explain everything but I need you back on my side.”

A rep for Firerose did not immediately respond to Entertainment Weekly’s request for comment.

<p>Firerose/ Instagram</p> Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose

Firerose/ Instagram

Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose

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According to PEOPLE, the document also says that Cyrus would “often” call Firerose a “selfish f---ing bitch” when she would “voice certain concerns,” and also that he “continually alleged that she was using him.”

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Additionally, Firerose accuses Cyrus of creating intentional “interference” in her career “in retaliation” that cost her a potential $415,000. “The accumulation of years of verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse, combined with the fact that Husband has had a direct hand in restricting Wife’s access to income and future opportunities, Wife has developed severe emotional distress from Husband’s actions,” the complaint says. “Wife has had to seek psychological treatment from her therapist for emergency sessions on more than one occasion.”

Cyrus and Firerose met on the set of Hannah Montana, and began publicly dating in 2022 after the singer split from Tish Cyrus. Cyrus cited inappropriate marital conduct — which Firerose denied in her own filing — as well as irreconcilable differences in his filing. Cyrus also moved to have the marriage formally annulled on grounds of fraud.

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