Billy Joel Catches Heat for ‘Out of Touch’ Comment Involving Taylor Swift

Billy Joel is getting a wave of backlash after making a remark about his lack of awareness surrounding the musical artists of today.

Specifically, the pianist said that he doesn't know people who make albums anymore—well, aside from "Taylor Swift or Olivia Rodrigo," that is.

While discussing his own projects and the current music landscape with Variety, Joel noted that although he recently released a brand new song, he won't be releasing another album.

“Who makes albums anymore anyway? I think the only person making new albums these days is Taylor Swift or Olivia Rodrigo," he said. "I don’t know other people who make albums. I don’t know what the marketing of that is like now."

While it seems his comment was more directed toward the fact that he feels writing and marketing an entire album is not something he's willing to get himself involved in right now versus actual artists who are currently releasing full projects, social media users had a field day with the commentary, calling it "out of touch" at best.

"He must be joking," one person commented on the X (formerly Twitter) thread, while another suggested, "He needs to lowkey expand his musical tastes then."

"He’s right but also not right. Beyonce makes tons a [sic] good albums," someone else included.

Another commenter said his remark was simply "out of touch."

An additional social media user campaigned, "This is why we need better curatorial overlords—a new MTV—a top down approach where trusted tastemakers can tell us what’s coming out and why we should care."

Meanwhile, another reasoned, "Greats recognize the greats."

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As for Joel, when it comes to writing music, he called it "a great deal of torment" that he doesn't want to expose himself to anymore.

“There’s this big black beast with 88 teeth that wants to bite my fingers off while I’m writing. I drive myself nuts. It’s just not as good as I want it to be,” he opened up to the publication.

He added: “It’s a great deal of torment, and I decided I don’t want to put myself through that anymore. I used to have drinking problems and all kinds of self-hate when I was writing, because I set the bar so high. It’s not something I miss. I love making music.”

The "Piano Man" artist unveiled "Turn the Lights Back On" in Feb. 2024, his first new composition in over a decade.

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