Bill Belichick said he'll be watching LSU-Bama classic 'for the next three years'

The country is still buzzing from the classic showdown between LSU and Alabama last week, and the impact of that game could end up lasting a lot longer.

Especially in the NFL.

Anyone who follows the draft knows that the game was a virtual treasure trove of pro talent, and now we’ve heard just that from one of the best coaches ever to walk an NFL sideline.

In his weekly sit down with host Scott Zolak, Bill Belichick mentioned that he was able to check out the latest version of the “Game of the Century” during the New England Patriots’ bye week. And Belichick didn’t hide his feelings about the game — and how and why he’ll be looking at it.

“Yeah, that was some game,” Belichick said.

When asked by Zolak how many “pro guys” were in that game, Belichick didn’t even let him finish the question before answering.

“Forty,” the coach said. “Probably 20 on each team.”

And then Belichick delivered the money line.

“I’ll be watching that game for the next three years,” he said with a smile on his face.

Adjust your mock drafts accordingly.

And if you somehow missed the game or weren’t paying as much attention to the individual players, we broke down which possible 2020 draft prospects performed well and which ones didn’t turn in their best efforts.

Patriots connections run strong at LSU and Bama

Belichick is no stranger to either team, of course. In addition to being buddies with Alabama head coach Nick Saban, Belichick also has a strong tie to LSU with one of his former players in Kevin Faulk, who is the Tigers’ director of player development.

The Patriots have drafted five LSU players in Belichick’s 20 drafts with New England, most recently seventh-round QB Danny Etling in 2018. Over that same time period, Belichick has taken five Bama players, including 2019 third-round RB Damien Harris. Belichick had never drafted a Bama player in New England prior to Nick Saban taking over as head coach, for what that’s worth.

In our pregame preview of LSU-Alabama, we estimated there could be as 27 (!) NFL prospects who end up in the 2020 NFL draft discussion, depending on which underclassmen enter.

Belichick noted that the young talent in that game was pretty spectacular, too.

“I can sit back next year and watch it for the kids that were underclassmen this year,” he said. “A few freshmen who were playing on both sides, too, so I am sure if they’re playing as freshmen, they’re pretty good, too.”

So for the fans of college football, this game was an important history marker. But for the NFL decision makers out there, it’s the gift that keeps on giving in another way.

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