Big W's X-rated product fail causes a stir: 'Did not purchase'

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A Big W shopper has been stopped in their tracks after spotting an X-rated fail while browsing the discount retailer's bedding section.

They took to Facebook to share a snap of the offending product — a child's quilt — which appeared to be emblazoned with the eyebrow-raising word, 'anus'.

A photo of a Big W comforter set with the word 'anus' on the packaging
A Big W shopper shared this snap of an X-rated product in store. Photo: Facebook.

'Good job Big W'

There are no butts about it, the blue drawstring fabric bag that contains the $39 quilt and the matching pillowslip clearly references a rather private part of human anatomy.

"Um… Ok. Good job Big W," the shopper captioned their photo. "Nothing more that I'd love to slip into," they quipped.

To get to the bottom of the store's fant-ass-tic fail, we searched the Big W website and found the exact item: the K-D Solar System 2 Piece Comforter Set.

The galaxy-themed comforter is printed with cute cartoon versions of all the planets in the Milky Way, such as Mars, Jupiter and, of course, the butt of many jokes: Uranus.


Big W K-D Solar System 2 Piece Comforter Set. Photo: Big W.
Big W K-D Solar System 2 Piece Comforter Set. Photo: Big W.

When the drawstring bag was being made, it appears as though the fabric was cut in just the right (or wrong) way so that the letters 'U' and 'A' were discarded leaving behind 'A-N-U' ... well you get the idea.

Facebook users found the cheeky fail hilarious and took to the comments to crack their own jokes.

"Don't think I'd like to cuddle up in one," one deadpanned.

"Okay I’d be more inclined to buy that lmao," admitted another.

"You win the internet for today," wrote a third.

The shopper who first shared the photos returned to the comments to leave this zinger: 

"Still available at Dubbo Big W.. did not purchase as I have my own anus."

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