Big W shoppers rave about incredible $3 bargain hauls: 'Saved enough for a used car'

Big W customers have been sent into a spin this week after savvy shoppers spotted markdowns as low as $3 in-store.

All kinds of discounted items, including kids clothes, womenswear, shoes, toys and linen are being scooped up by excited bargain hunters around the country.

Big W sale items
Customers couldn't wait to share their $3 Big W hauls on social media. Source: Facebook/Markdown Addicts Australia

The Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook group has been inundated with posts from delighted Big W customers, excitedly sharing their impressive bargain buys.

“Girls dresses are so stunning and only $3 each - I got 5 for my friends’ kids,” a NSW-based customer said.

“Our Big W clearance score for today included everything for $3, except for Bonds suits which were $5 each and pillowcases between $2.50 and $8,” wrote another.


“I thought I’d try my luck at Big W with all the awesome bargains that have been posted - got some really awesome bargains!” posted a third, sharing a photograph of an activewear and women’s clothing haul.

One Queensland customer also shared a photograph of a pair of Nike brand sneakers which she scored for just $3, while another Queenslander was able to grab some Havaianas brand shoes for $3.

Big W shoppers' receipts
Customers are saving hundreds by purchasing the discount items. Source: Facebook/Markdown Addicts Australia

Group members have also been proudly showing off their receipts, showing huge savings.

“I saved enough for a used car!” a South Australian customer said, sharing a photograph of her self-serve screen which showed multiple items priced at $3 and a whopping saving of $1,765.

Another customer said they saved $133 by shopping the bargains, whilst another saved $275, and a third saved $567.

‘Check them!’: Bargain hunters reveal tip to score discount buys

Social media has been abuzz about the $3 Big W buys, but according to Markdown Addicts group members, not all discounted items have been stickered.

“Some weren’t marked down on the tag but scanned as $3,” one group member said.

“I found that so much stuff is scanning at a discount but not marked down,” wrote another.

“They weren’t marked on the tag, but I grabbed them and checked them and they scanned at $3,” posted a third.

“The staff said they were going to sticker them soon, but wanted to leave them out for people to grab first,” said a fourth.

Group members have also flagged that bargain hunters should keep a look-out for the code S21 on item tags, with reports that S21 items are all scanning at $3.

Delighted group members have labelled the $3 sale as “awesome,” writing in comments that they’ve never seen bargains like this before.

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