Big W shoppers go wild for new Disney collection: 'Went a bit crazy'

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Are you mad about all things Disney?

Well, here's some good news to start your day on a positive note: BIG W has launched an exclusive Disney Classics Collection and shoppers are absolutely loving it.

Big Q Disney collection
Shoppers have gone wild for Big W's new Disney collection. Photo: Facebook

In fact, one woman said she spent $700 decking out her two kid's wardrobes and playrooms with the Disney pieces.

"Amazing!!! I kinda went a bit crazy... whooops," a mum wrote in a Facebook page.

Others commented saying they were obsessed with the new line, stocking up their trolleys and posting images to a Big W Facebook page.


"I did a lay-by I don't have a baby I'm collecting for when I do have one," one person commented.

"Wow this makes me want another baby," another person said.

Disney collection in Big W
People said they spent hundreds on the collection. Photo: Facebook
Mums have been stocking up their trolleys. Photo: Facebook
Mums have been stocking up their trolleys. Photo: Facebook

BIG W's Bub&Me event

This collection is available in-stores and online from today and is in celebration of BIG W's annual Bub&Me event.

The baby essentials range features iconic Disney characters like Dumbo, Bambi, Baloo and Simba.

BIG W's new Disney Classics ranges feature muted, adorable designs of iconic characters. Photo: BIG W

BIG W also ran a Facebook live event featuring the new Disney range, hosted by Aussie model mum Fiona Falkiner.

We've rounded up our favourite pieces for the new Disney Collection:

Disney Classics Baby Bambi 4 Piece Set - Pink, $30

Disney Classics Baby Bambi 4 Piece Set from BIG W

Too adorable for words!

Featuring a pastel-printed Bambi (there's also a Lady in the Tramp, Aristocats and Jungle Book version), this four-piece set will make your baby the cutest kid on the block.

It includes footie coveralls, a beanie, a bib and a bodysuit.

The cotton and polyester blend is comfy and warm.

Disney Classics Dumbo Activity Toy, $20

Disney Classics Dumbo Activity Toy from BIG W

This Dumbo toy is perfect for curious bubbas who like to play when out and about.

The handy clip can attach to your pram, car seat or play mat.

It has a teething disk for bubs and crinkly ears for tactile, engaging play.

Plus, it's cute as a button!

Disney Classics Collection Sensory Playmat, $59

Disney Classics Collection Sensory Playmat from BIG W

Do you want to start incorporating tummy time into your infant's daily routine?

This Disney sensory playmat is cushioned, so it is safe for your baby to roll around on.

Bambi, Dumbo, Mowgli and Simba are all featured in the design to keep your little one company.

It has textured panels, a mirror and 3D floppy Dumbo ears for hours of entertaining play.

The mat can be closed with a button and has carry handles for easy transportation.

Disney Classics Cosy Time Ball Pit, $49

 Disney Classics Cosy Time Ball Pit & 20 Balls FROM BIG W

Speaking of playtime, this ball pit is perfect for older bubbas who want something exciting to play with.

It comes with 20 balls, which are the ideal toy for learning hand-eye coordination and catching and throwing.

Your bubs will be nice and tired after crawling after the balls - a bonus for you!

The pit is printed with classic Disney characters and is easy to set up and dismantle.

Disney Classics Pram Liner, $59

Disney Classics Pram Liner from BIG W

Prams are expensive!

You don't want your pram getting ruined from drinks or food being spit on it.

This protective pram liner will help to keep your buggy safe and is reversible, should you need to flip it to hide a stain while out and about.

The mesh inner and outer is breathable, and the quilted design helps to draw warm air away to keep bubs cool. It's also nice and comfy for them.

The universal fit should suit any type of pram.

Disney Classics Baby Padded Sleeping Bag, $30

Disney Classics Baby Padded Sleeping Bag from  BIG W

Baby sleeping bags are a semi-modern development, but their benefits for bubs are countless.

They help to regulate your infant's temperature at night and ensure that they don't get tangled up in regular sheets and blankets.

They promote peaceful sleep in babies and keep them feeling wrapped up and secure while still having a bit of room to move and kick their legs.

This long sleeve sleeping bag is butter yellow with a design of Disney characters running down one side.

Disney Classics Sensory Balls, $19

Disney Classics Sensory Balls 3 Pack FROM BIG W

Sensory balls are a great tool for building your child fine motor skills and tactile awareness.

This set of three balls are all different textures and designs, including a spiky grey ball and a glittery transparent ball with a Dumbo floating around inside.

And, hey, you can use them in your Disney Classic ball pit!

Disney Classics Baby Lion King Knit Pullover, $20

Disney Classics Baby Lion King Knit Pullover from BIG W

Oh, I just can't wait to be king!

Make your little prince (or princess) by the most stylish kid on the block with this khaki pullover.

The trendy knit has a rib-knit collar and sleeves and a three-button fastening on the shoulder for easy dressing.

It comes in sizes 00-2.

Disney Classics Baby Cosy Time Soft Book, $14

Disney Classics Baby Cosy Time Soft Book from BIG W

This soft book is perfect for your little one to play with at home or out and about.

The handy clip can be attached to a pram or car seat.

Your baby will recognise the Disney characters from their favourite movies and will love playing with the textured, crinkle pages.

It also has a teether on the edge of the book.

Disney Classics Baby Winnie The Pooh Pyjama Set, $16

Disney Classics Baby Winnie The Pooh Pyjama Set from BIG W

This Winnie the Pook PJ set is just too darling for words!

The shirt says, 'you make me smile', and that's exactly what you'll be doing with your baby dressed up in this outfit.

It's made from comfy cotton and elastane blend fabric and has ribbed sleeve and leg cuffs.

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