Big W reveals free Disney items for kids - here's how to get them

Big W has relaunched their beloved Free Books for Kids program today to encourage more Aussie kids to experience the benefits of reading.

The program will see 2.4 million books given away to bring the magic of Disney into Aussie homes and make the joy of story time accessible to more children.

A young girl smiling holding up a copy of Disney's Frozen BIG W
Big W is releasing eight classic Disney movie title books for their dyslexic inclusive Free Books for Kids program. Photo: Supplied

The program will run in-store for eight weeks, with a new Disney title being released each week in all Big W stores.


Best of all, these can be collected (while stocks last) without having to purchase anything!

The collection of stories includes the classics Frozen, Cars, Moana, Toy Story, Encanto, Beauty and The Beast, The Lion King and The Little Mermaid.

Book covers of Disney books available during the Big W campaign -  The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Encanto, Cars, Toy Story, Moana, Beauty and the Beast and Frozen.
The titles to collect are The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Encanto, Cars, Toy Story, Moana, Beauty and the Beast and Frozen. Photo: Supplied

This year, Big W is also raising awareness for dyslexia and helping Aussie children who may experience it, providing greater access to specialised books to help support their reading journey.

The Australian Dyslexia Association (ADA) has worked alongside BIG W and The Walt Disney Company to ensure this series is presented in dyslexia-friendly formats, utilising fonts that make it easier to distinguish between similar letters, uncomplicated layouts with spacing and paper with a gentle tint that can help to reduce visual stress when reading.

“We have made it a priority to ensure these books are inclusive of those with learning differences," Meredith Drake, Category Manager - Books at BIG W, says.

"We want Aussie children, including those who experience dyslexia, to have a fantastic series of classic Disney titles to collect and enjoy for their story time," she adds.

Jodi Clements, President of the Australian Dyslexia Association (ADA) is very pleased with the partnership, lamenting how difficult it can be to find books suitable for children living with dyslexia.

"As an organisation, we have found a lack of dyslexia-friendly books that are readily available to purchase for children with dyslexia," she said.

A boy reading Big W and Disney's dyslexia-friendly version of The Lion King
Big W books this year have been designed with dyslexia-friendly formats. Photo: Supplied

"We are thrilled to have worked alongside BIG W and Disney to develop this range of dyslexia friendly books which we all know children will love.”

Experience with dyslexia is something mum Romina Cassaniti knows first hand, having encountered it herself growing up.

Her personal journey with dyslexia meant she was able to identify her 11-year-old son Sam's own dyslexia early and get additional support from an ADA tutor to help with his reading.

"When I was a kid, there weren’t a lot of resources for me and I found school really hard," Romina says.

Romina Cassaniti and her son Sam, who both have experience with dyslexia, reading the new range of Disney/Big W books
Romina Cassaniti and her son Sam both have experience with dyslexia. Photo: Supplied

"Things changed when my mum got me a reading tutor, but I would have loved more access to specialised books growing up.

"For BIG W and Disney to bring out a series of dyslexia friendly books is amazing and I can’t wait to collect them with Sam."

Sam is looking forward to the experience as well.

"I love Disney stories and am excited to have these books that will be easier for me to read than the originals," Sam reveals.

 Sam Cassaniti reading a dyslexia friendly Disney book from Big W
"For any kid who experiences dyslexia, my tip is not to be scared by how big the book is, just take your time," Sam says. Photo: Supplied

"I’m proud of how my reading is improving, but some books can still be intimidating if the pages are crowded and the letters are hard to read."

Children can also have the books read to them by a Disney storyteller with an exciting visit from Mickey Mouse via audio podcast and YouTube.

Just scan the QR code printed in the books or visit to find the links.

At the end of this Free Books for Kids series, Big W will have given away over 18.5 million books since the program first began in February 2019.

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