Shoppers pan Big W's $2k dupe pram

Penny Burfitt
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The Haven stroller is making waves, but there is an undercurrent of anger. photo: Big W

We all love to save some dollars where possible, and it’s easy to get caught up in what I like to call Kmart-mania.

This refers to when an item is so cheap, so lauded, so seemingly special that you know you must get your hands on it no mater what obstacle should present itself, what warning sign should rear its head.

Cult buys can turn the best of us into blind followers, so beware. Photo: Getty Images

99% of the time I am all for these buys, they are popular for a reason, but every now and then a barrage of pre-purchase hysteria obscures some truly terrible product reviews from people who have actually bought the product.

Enter, the Big W 3-in-1 Haven Four Wheel Stroller.

Mother's Choice 3-in-1 Haven 4 Wheel Stroller may be a mouthful, but it's light on the wallet at just $250. Photo: Big W

Going off online

Despite having a name incompatible with a restrictive character count, the stroller has gone off on social media where it is being excitedly lauded as THE must-have purchase from the retailers annual Bub & Me sale.

The pram was originally going for $300 but has been cut down to $250 to shoppers delight.

The Haven looks (and is) awfully similar to the designer Bugaboo stroller that retails for a cool $2000, so people are understandably delighted at the opportunity to get the high-end feel for the low-end price.

Handle with care

The pram may be ‘so cute’, as one shopper commented on Instagram, but those who had actually given it a whirl told a different story on Big W’s website.

“...My dad bought us this pram and it is so wobbly. I am scared to put my newborn into it,” one concerned mum wrote.

“Used for 2 months with a newborn and brackets that clip pram fitting into frame have snapped,” said another who labelled the pram ‘cheap and crude’.

Another shared that certain features of the discounted baby mover weren’t made with the safest precautions.

“...the handle to transform pram from bassinet to stroller is easy for older children to flip it.. Meaning newborn could get hurt!” another shared.

There were those who had positive experiences with the item,.

“Quick and easy and light. Can push one handed if needing to hold bub,” one wrote.

“Amazing pram, lightweight & has longevity for future use,” another shared.

With the retailer’s post to Instagram raking in over one thousand likes, it looks like many shoppers will be willing to trial the pram for themselves, just remember to check those brackets .

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