The Big Storage Mistake You're Making With Coffee Cake

Cinnamon coffee cake on a plate
Cinnamon coffee cake on a plate - Bhofack2/Getty

Few things hit the spot better than a moist, buttery coffee cake, whether it's eaten with your morning cup of joe or as an evening treat. And as anyone who's noshed on this cinnamon-infused dessert will know, it doesn't take long for coffee cake to go bad, especially if it isn't stored properly. If you leave your coffee cake on the counter uncovered, or inadequately covered, it's a big mistake.

In general, coffee cake lasts a few days to a week — though it's typically at its softest and sweetest right after it's made. Melted butter is key for moist coffee cake, but this dessert tends to get drier over time. If you want to prevent coffee cake from getting stale for as long as possible, storing it in an airtight Tupperware is your best bet. That should keep the freshness and flavor for around two to three days at room temperature. Keeping it out of sunlight is crucial, and covering the cake in plastic wrap beforehand can also help preserve it.

Placing the coffee cake in a well-sealed container and putting it in the refrigerator can further prolong its shelf life. Coffee cake can last up to a week in the fridge, though it's worth noting that the cold could cause it to dry out, even if it's still technically good to eat. Tightly sealing the cake can help it maintain its moisture in the refrigerator, but mileage may vary.

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Freeze Coffee Cake For A Longer Shelf Life

Coffee cake on a plate
Coffee cake on a plate - Manyakotic/Getty Images

If you're hoping to make coffee cake last longer than a week, you'll want to store this treat in the freezer. Like many other desserts, coffee cake will remain in good condition for up to two to three months when frozen. This storage method will come in handy for those who make their coffee cake at home, especially if the batch is too large to finish in a single week. When storing your coffee cake in the freezer, the same airtight container rules apply -- and you'll want to wrap it in aluminum foil or plastic wrap first. Freezer bags can also work, as they're airtight when zipped.

Reheating frozen cake correctly is just as important as storing it properly, as both will determine whether it tastes good after it's thawed. Place frozen coffee cake in a cold oven, then heat it at 250 F, and ensure it gets warm enough to enjoy but not so hot that it's overcooked and dry. The dish should be heated for around 10 to 20 minutes depending on your oven. You can also opt for the microwave for a quick defrost. Just be aware that this reheating method may make the dessert a bit too moist, particularly if there's condensation from the freezer.

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