My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 lands low Rotten Tomatoes score after first reviews

my big fat greek wedding 3, nia vardalos, john corbett
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 first reviews arriveFocus Features / Universal

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3's first reviews are out as the long-awaited sequel finally hits cinemas.

The latest entry in the family film franchise is out now, as writer-director-star Nia Vardalos brings back the Portokalos family for another breezy comic adventure.

This time around, Toula (Vardalos) and husband Ian (And Just Like That's John Corbett) head to the Greek isles for a family reunion in honour of her late father.

The film essentially functions as a tribute to Greek Wedding cast member Michael Constantine, who passed away in 2021 before he could reprise his role as Toula's eccentric father Gus.

my big fat greek wedding 3, nia vardalos, john corbett
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So, is it worth joining the Portokalos family on their Greek holiday? The film hasn't been outright panned, but it's currently languishing at 30% on Rotten Tomatoes for 37 reviews (as of September 8).

That's not a low as the sequel's 27%, but it could drop lower with further reviews and it's nowhere near the first's movies 76% rating.

Check out a selection of the first reviews below:

Sydney Morning Herald

"Ultimately, this has never been a franchise that relied on subtlety, instead offering charm and heart to paper over the cracks. This time round even the warm and fuzzy bits feel forced, and it’s hard not to feel that My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 won’t be the happily ever after Vardalos was hoping for."

my big fat greek wedding 3, elena kampouris, elias kacavas
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The Guardian

"Ultimately, that generic togetherness is all Greek Wedding 3 has to offer – that, and yet another actual Greek wedding, this one more removed from the central characters than ever before. (Thrill to the nuptials of two new characters with a combined one personality trait!) Vardalos seems continually torn between acknowledging the fragile, fleeting nature of even the warmest and happiest families, and producing an aimless travelogue where a bunch of nice people do nothing much in particular before attending a wedding."

The Telegraph

"No cliché goes unsqueezed in this third instalment of the rom-com franchise. Surely this has got to be its last gasp?"


"Two sequels deep, it’s baffling that the filmmakers involved don’t make room for more interesting conflicts to arise even within the franchise’s breezy, light-hearted brief. With its sprawling family dynamic, colorful cast of characters and rich, universally resonant touchstones, what was set up in the original film had the potential to take on a life of its own."


"My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 goes for the cheap laughs and the tacky attempts at pulling heartstrings. Hopefully, this is the end of the My Big Fat Greek anything, weddings be damned.

my big fat greek wedding 3, nia vardalos, john corbett
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Not every review was so negative, as some felt that My Big Fat Week 3 had some redeeming moments in spite of its flaws:

The Hollywood Reporter

"Ever been invited to a family reunion you had no desire to attend? You may be tired of seeing your relatives and listening to their familiar routines, which can be downright annoying at times. But then you force yourself to go and you find that you have a good time after all, at least for a little while.

"That’s roughly the experience of seeing My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3, the latest chapter in the saga of the eccentric Portokalas family previously seen in the wildly popular 2002 original and its much less successful 2016 sequel."

Screen Rant

"It’s not perfect, but the effort is nice, as is the wedding — a must in a film that has 'wedding' in its title — that brings everyone together. Where the film falters is in its multiple subplots. It’s like Vardalos wanted to ensure that every character had something to do, but the disparate storylines felt haphazard in execution."

my big fat greek wedding 3, nia vardalos
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You won't have to wait long to make your own judgments about the movie...

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 is out now in cinemas.

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