Big Brother's Sam admits Drew broke her trust: 'I got played'

Sam spills on the bombshell pact that Drew made with Joel.

Video transcript

- I found out that it wasn't true when I watched it. Because I didn't say it in the house. And so, for me, I was just going off what Drew had said. So it was very easy for me to believe Drew with those beautiful blue eyes and that gorgeous smile. And he was a massive support for me.

And to an extent, I think that there's two sides to Drew. There was the game Drew. And then, there was the Drew that I got to experience. And unfortunately, he was playing a game. And I got played.

It's hard to believe. There was a part of me that's in denial and wants to believe that it was about the [? OGs. ?] And then, there's a part of me that's just like, smacking me across the face, and telling me to wake up, and see him for who he is. And that's a really big part of what I'm feeling in this moment. Yeah, I don't know if he was using me. But if he did, that was very well played.

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