Big Brother's Reggie wants to win for her kids: 'Everyone has to vote!'

Big Brother housemate Reggie pleads for everyone to vote so she can make history.

Video transcript

REGGIE BIRD: Oh, I came back because I absolutely love "Big Brother." I've been campaigning for years, doing old stars, doing old stars. Yeah, so-- yeah, I came back because I love this show. And this time, man, I did it for my kids.

But no way-- being in that house, I thought I was going to win. And I still don't now. Now I'm just like, oh, I'm up against two strong characters-- Johnson and Taras So yeah, I'm not feeling real confident.

I guess I am nervous at the moment because people need to vote. They have to vote. And that's what I'm nervous about-- is the voting. I don't want them to become complacent and sit there and think, oh, Reggie's got it in the bag, or, she's won it before. She doesn't deserve it. But I want all my fans to vote for me, yeah, because, if they don't, I'm not going to-- I'm not going to take this out.

This, again, would be making history, and Queen Reggie-- she's won it again. That'd be awesome. But mostly, it'll mean some kind of stability for the kids. If I won it again, the prize money is obviously going to go towards trying to get a roof over our head. But also, to win it again, to take it out again-- it'd be an absolute honor.

I said to Taras-- I said, no matter what happens, I said, if you send me home now, you've lost the Australian vote. [LAUGHS] Australia's going to hate you, Taras. But if you take me with you, Taras, they're going to love you for taking me with you. I think that's what I said to him. And I put that seed into his head, that thought into his head. So I think he must have thought about that. And I did say to the guys, don't be scared to take me to the end. Just see it as an honor to be standing up there with me.

I was so proud of myself that-- and even for Big Brother putting me-- bringing me back, regardless of my eyesight, and it was good to be able to get in there and show people that you can do this; you can do anything. And yeah, I was super proud, super proud of that.

I had an awesome time, and I'm so glad I went back and did it again, I'd do it again. I'd do it again and again and again. I just love "Big Brother" so much. So I'm proud of what I've done, and I did it for my kids, and everyone has to vote! [LAUGHS]

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