Big Brother's Reggie slams 'sympathy' vote controversy

Big Brother's Reggie has come out swinging at people who say she didn't deserve to win.

Video transcript

REGINA BIRD: I never once played the sympathy card in the house. I did all the challenges, gave it my all, never ever asked for Big Brother to change anything just because I'm going blind. And it makes me a stronger person because I battled it out against able-bodied people. So going in there, having a disability, yeah, it was unbelievable.

So to all the people who are saying that my eyes-- that it's fake, I am going blind. I do have an eye disease. So I'm just proud. I'm sorry proud of myself. We had a moment. We had a beautiful moment where we just said we're just so happy that it was us three there together, and we all just have a love for each other. We really do. Regardless of what happened in the game, honestly, we're there for each other.

They were happy for me. They really were, but I reckon deep down inside, in both their hearts, they would have went damn, she did it. Yeah. Oh, my goodness. I felt so sick, and I was so nervous, and I was just waiting for her to read out either Johnson's name or Teresa's name. I didn't think that I was going to win it.

Yeah, I was so shocked. I was blown away, absolutely blown away. I couldn't believe it. It is such an honor. It is such an honor because I've been known as the queen of Big Brother for so many years, and I lived up to that name. So it truly is. The fans also just love who I am. And the people of Australia, you could see that I am still me, still Reggie, still the same old genuine, down-to-earth girl.

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