Big Brother's Reggie on what it would mean for her to win twice

Big Brother's Reggie on what it would mean for her to win twice.

Video transcript

- How does it feel being here at the Logies?

- It's pretty overwhelming. I'm just saying, we've got cameras in our face, not behind glass.

- But it's fun.

- It's really fun.

- It's so much fun.

- And it's not raining.

- Everyone looks beautiful.

- I mean, how often do you get to dress up, like, for the red carpet?

- How is it watching the show back as well? Like there is obviously a lot that doesn't get shown. A lot is happening on social media as well, but-- some little things I've heard. But what is it like watching it back and seeing the edit and all of that?

- I mean, it's-- you're cramming such a small amount into a show. It's totally different for us, given that so much live TV existed. I can't pretend that it's not weird waiting for it to go up, because we're seeing things are going, oh, what? Is that what they're doing? They're trying to get us out, they said they were our friends. So we're learning like everyone else.

- What's the biggest difference, I guess, from the first time in the house to now, this experience? Like what is the major change?

- Oh gosh, the whole not knowing, so when you come out, you've got no idea. But sitting at home watching it, it's just like--

- Well, we're watching it with the viewers, but for me, it was-- I used to feel the live audience with me each week. I could feel an energy of people kind of following me and supporting me, whereas this time, it's a

- Bit more dead energy until we're all together watching it. So it's really bizarre.

- It's different.

- Yeah.

- It's totally chalk and cheese.

- And Reggie, you are like the favorite to win right now on Sportsbet, but I mean like, everyone wants you to win. What would that mean for you to take out the crown twice?

- Oh, look, to take it out twice would be-- it would be amazing.

- There is no more deserving winner. An amazing person, an inspiration with everything she's battled in her life, and she just gets up every day. She inspired me the whole season.

- Has there been-- we're celebrating Australian TV tonight. Has there been a favorite TV moment for the past year for both of you?

- Oh, gosh.

- It's funny, I hate to say I actually don't watch TV, so my favorite moment was walking in and seeing Reggie staring back at me.

- Anything for you, Reggie, that stands out?

- Oh, I don't know. I love so many things on Australian TV, because I don't have like pay TV or anything. So I'm--

- Simple girl.

- Yeah, Australian TV, I love it.

- What are you expecting from tonight as well? Obviously first Logies, what's the expectation? What have you been told?

- It's the second, second Logies.

- Second Logies, sorry.

- Yes.

- But I think the biggest thing is just to have fun. We've had a really long wait for the show to come up, and it's going to end soon. And who knows what our life will be? So just to have fun.

- So lovely meeting you both, and just best of luck with the rest of the show, and all the drama on and off screen. We'll see what happens.

- Thank you. We rise above, and we have fun.

- Exactly, that's the spirit. Well, OK. Enjoy tonight, lovely meeting you both. Yeah.

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