Big Brother's Joel explains why he told Aleisha about Drew's offer

Joel talks about what went through his head when Drew wanted to work with him.

Video transcript

- Drew approached me and was like, look, there's something you have to do for me that I can't do, and there's something I have to do for you that you can't do. And I wanted to get confirmation, like, I get rid of your girlfriend, and you get rid of mine. And essentially, as soon as he started talking and telling me this, my first thought was, I'm using this to set him up straight away. This is ammunition he's given me.

So straight away, I was like, all right, I'll tell Alicia, let her know. So I have a bit of a plan and she could start working with me. And we start planting some seeds because down the track, we're going to need Sam's vote to get rid of Drew, and that was the perfect ammunition to give to her to pull the trigger and make it happen. So yeah. And stir the pot in the meantime.


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