Big Brother’s Trevor was determined to go home

Viewers didn’t get to see Trevor’s close relationship with Aleisha and Gabbie on the show.

Video transcript

- 'Cause there's no way I was going to let those-- even if the girls, one of the girls got voted, if Alicia was going to go, I had it in my head that I'll just step up and go, no, thanks, I'm going. And then I'll just leave. My bags were all packed anyway. And she was like, I don't know what to do, and I said, you'd know exactly what to do. You vote me out, and Gabby vote me.

And Gabby was like, no, I'm not doing that. It was like a bloody spoiled little kid, and I had to tell her so many times. And they won't show it, but so many times, I was, vote me or you're not going to stay in the house. That's the [? high-- ?] and I told Aleisha that. I said, just go around and get me out of the house. It's the only way you're going to win. The two young girls, Gab and Aleisha, this is their first time being in the "Big Brother" house. I've had my time, so I was like, OK, cool, I'll jump on the sword here, did the old Layla, and yeah, just made sure they stayed in, and I got out.

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