Big Brother’s Sam regrets not voting Drew out: 'Ultimate rise up'

Sam reveals why she didn’t vote Drew out and what she would change.

Video transcript

- Drew and I joked about this when we got out of the house. And he was like, I thought about putting my vote on you. And I was like, I thought about putting my vote on you, imagine that as a plot twist. And now looking back I wish I did. Um, that would have been like the ultimate rise up. Big brother didn't help me out there, he didn't show me the video and I wish he did. I really wish he did.

If I had known about the past and seen the footage. I-- I knew about it, but I didn't see the footage so it was hard for me to believe it. Um, yeah. 100% I would have voted him out. Yeah, definitely. Um, I guess the reason why we didn't vote for each other was because we had feelings for each other at the time.

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