Big Brother’s Mel on why the returning players made her feel ‘robbed’

The housemate thinks she may have lasted longer if it was all newbies in the house.

Video transcript

- It was my first rodeo. So when I'm looking back at everything, I'm thinking, I just can't believe that they've done it before and my experience was robbed. But then I just think to myself, they're wonderful people. They [INAUDIBLE] don't want to go back to lockdown and isolation where their worlds were turned upside down also.

So yeah, I was, like I said, hindsight, if only, if I could turn back time, all those favorite words that I just don't like to use. Different format-- I would have loved to have been just with the newbies. However, what a privilege to be at the 21st birthday celebration. Things happen for a reason.

But yeah, it's a tricky one, because if I had been with the newbies and not against the royalty, maybe I might have stayed longer. I don't know. But yeah, it's just a little bit like that situation is such a hard one to answer, because it's a privilege. But it's also a default, because it got me in that situation.

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