Big Brother’s Mel on how she was blindsided

She had no idea people were calling her ‘dangerous’ behind her back.

Video transcript

MEL TODD: All I probably would have done is been a little bit more aware that there was more strategy, and alliances, and-- like I had no idea-- like I think this should be called Big Little Lies.

I had no idea those conversations were taking place. I was teaching this person a handshake or dancing or scratching someone's back or consoling someone. I didn't know there was all this, So let's get rid of Mel, or Mel's dangerous.

Like, I've never been called dangerous in my life. And I was like, Oh my goodness. That's a new adjective. But like I said, if I knew what I knew would I have changed? I don't think I could change because I've been like this for 41 years. So it's just a bit tricky, but I probably would have been a little bit more social aware because I was like in a happy bubble talking to someone.

I had no idea that there was strategy being talked about in another room. I was just naive, I guess, to think that we were all just enjoying each other's company because we're a big family, and yeah. Rookie error.

Shocked. Absolutely shocked. Like, I actually was like, when we was nominating housemates, I think house nominations, I had no idea that people were talking about what they were doing. I was just like, I kind of want to, like, keep talking to what I was talking about with these people. And I guess that's me as a person. That I'm present. If I'm in a conversation with someone, that's more important to me than going, Oh who's missing? Are they talking about me? Because I just vibe at such a high frequency of being where I'm meant to be and bringing what I'm meant to be bringing that I just-- like I actually dropped the ball.

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