Big Brother’s Lulu says you need to be ‘heartless’ in the house

Big Brother housemate Lulu opens up about how being blindsided.

Video transcript

- So to be honest with you, like, after Sam's eviction, and then she came back, and everybody was really mad in the house, was like oh, my God. There were so many people why, why, why because, you know, like, you were dead, and she was in a relationship. She's in a relationship with a person. So she spent most of the time with that person. Like, at that point, I was actually having a connection with most people.

So that's the frustrating part there, because even the people that voted me out, like, they were kind of telling me in a way I got you, I got you. So that was completely blindsided. You know, I was completely blindsided because I was like it's going to be tough. It's going to be really, really close, you know, but I really think I can make it. You really need to be heartless sometimes in this game.

And then I realized that oh shit, what am I doing here? This game is not for me. Like, I can't-- I thought I could do it. Like, I was like yeah, I'm going to get there, I'm going to do it, I don't care about the people. But actually, no, you know, I'm a person like my friends would describe me as really like emp-- I'm an empath. So it's like, for me, it was really hard.

That's why some of us, like Mel for example, we couldn't do it because it's simply a really heartless game. It's really like-- yeah, it's really full on.

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