Big Brother’s Layla opens up about the Tully, Drew and Sam love triangle.

Big Brother’s Layla Subritzky reveals how tense it was when Tully and Drew reunited.

Video transcript

LAYLA SUBRITZKY: And I just remember looking the minute Tully walked in. I knew she was coming, and I remember looking at her, and I was like-- I look to the other-- so there were both ends of the table-- how hectic! So Tully's on one end of the table, Sam is directly opposite.

And I remember just looking at Tully and then looking at Sam and being, like, this is too much drama about to commence! Like, it was hectic. The energy in the room was-- you could have cut it with a knife, like, it was so hectic.

Feel like a love triangle is basically when two people want the same person. Tully doesn't want Drew. She doesn't want Drew. She's got a partner-- a beautiful, amazing partner-- and she was completely transparent about that as soon as she walked in.

I think the weird thing is knowing how to navigate being in the same room as your ex, you know? You do have feelings for those people. Whether it's you want to be in love with the person, or you just have history, you can't deny it.

So as much as it's like the love triangle, it really is just knowing how poor, Tully, like, I felt for her, knowing how to navigate this new chick, like, that's like this newbie housemate. She's got no fucks given-- like, Sam doesn't care. And Tully's like, what do I do with this? Like, it was-- it would have been confusing for her.