Big Brother’s Josh exposes his relationship with Sam

Big Brother housemate Josh reveals secrets about his relationship with fellow housemate Sam - including their history.

Video transcript

- I actually bounced the idea off Sam way before they even contacted her, saying, they've approached me. I'm going to put you up so we can spend some time together during COVID, because we're on other sides of the border. And she's like, oh, my goodness. I put that on my manifestation board last week.

And I said, well, book in, but pretend we don't know, and let's get onto this show. But I went on there with a purpose. She was my why, to spend some time after a year and a half of being a primary care for my friend, to actually hang out during COVID. And because the borders had locked down, the only way I could figure out to do it was to get Channel 7 to do it for me.

So I sold her as a sex therapist. I was like, listen, I'm still in love with my old sex therapist, which she's not. She's an intimacy coach or whatever, but I don't know the difference. And they were like, oh, my goodness. And I was like, she's drop dead gorgeous, and, like, she turns heads. Like, you need a good chiropractor on hand, because, like, I think she's stunning.

And, like, I forgot straight away that there was really cameras there. I just totally lost my tiny mind straight away. And I was just like, oh, I just want to spend some time with this girl, and this is why. And if it's not reciprocated, I'll go home.