Big Brother’s Joel talks about the insane challenge that ended him

The nomination challenge on Monday night was an extreme battle between Joel and Estelle. Joel reveals how taxing the challenge was on him.

Video transcript

- It was just such a really drawn-out challenge. Everyone got to a stage where they were just giving it everything they had. I ended up sort of collapsing off in the end, because my calves ended up sort of giving away and my whole body was on a strain. But it's crazy to think that it came down to Estelle and a bunch of newbies, and she still was able to pull out the win.

When I actually put my armor, she did come down. I don't actually even remember doing that. I was so exhausted physically and mentally that I remember just having Trev behind me being like, you're good? And I was like, I remember being like, what? Like, what are you talking about? And I kind of looked around and I was like, oh, you're kidding. I've actually lost this. And then at that point I was like, all right, I think I'm going home.

And then in the scramble, myself up against Johnson and Jesse, I knew that Johnson had some pretty deep ties with Tim and Drew and some plans I already had booked prior to me. And everyone knows Tim and I, our relationship in the house, it's pretty one-on-one fighting for the top spot. And yeah, I kind of knew at that point that they had one chance to get me out of the house, and this was going to be it. So they we're going to do everything they could to make it happen.

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