Big Bang Theory star Melissa Raunch welcomes baby boy alone amid pandemic

Big Bang Theory’s Melissa Rauch has shared the happy news that she has given birth to a baby boy, son Brooks Rauch.

The actress shared the news on Instagram on Monday, giving thanks to the doctors and nurses who helped her deliver amid the coronavirus pandemic, revealing her husband wasn’t able to be there for the birth.

“His arrival was made possible, in no small part, by the front line heroes — the nurses and doctors who show up each day to make sure that life keeps marching forward, regardless of the circumstances,” she wrote.

“Words can't describe how grateful I am to have this baby boy join our family, but to say that it is a surreal time to be bringing life into the world is an understatement. Given that, I wanted to share some thoughts with other expectant mothers or ‘Pandemamas’ — as I like to call us — who are navigating these uncharted waters.”

The 39-year-old wrote about her experience in an essay for Glamour, revealing her husband Winston was unable to be in the labor delivery room. 

“Although the hospital I was delivering at did allow birth partners, my husband had to stay home with our daughter since our original plan of having family come to town — as well as our backup plans — were no longer options due to COVID-19,” she wrote.

Melissa and Winston are also parents to two-year-old daughter Sadie. 

Melissa has opened up about her birth amid a pandemic. Photo: Getty

She admitted she had been worried about how things would go down in the lead up to her due date.

“The anxiety over giving birth without an advocate and support system in tow, compounded with the exposure concerns of walking into a hospital during a pandemic, were a lot to process,” she said.

Melissa then realised she had a birthing partner after all: her unborn child, saying this would be their “first adventure together”

“So I tried my best to hold on to that as I said goodbyes to my husband and daughter and walked myself into the hospital, masked up, clumsily balancing my bags and birthing ball like I was doing a knocked-up Mr. Bean bit.”

Still, Melissa found it hard not to have Winston by her side, calling it a “inherently difficult situation”.

“But here’s the great thing I realised about birth: It is never going to take a backseat to anything. No matter what is going down, when one human is coming out of another human it becomes the main focus — there’s no other choice. No pandemic, or fear of being alone, or anger over not having a partner there to bitch-slap through the whole hellish gauntlet of labor gets airtime. I had a job to do.”

Winston made an appearance, though, able to watch the birth of their son via FaceTime.

The actress concluded with a message to her “Pandemamas.”

“Just as I reminded myself, you can do this, you will do this, and you will do so with the fierceness of all the powerful warrior women before you who have brought life — and hope—into this world during the most unfathomable of times,” she wrote.

“As I look into my son’s eyes, I am filled with that hope.”

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