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Joh and tech-guru on the latest and greatest modern home-gadgets
Welcome to the house of the future! Joh is joined by tech-guru Pete Blasina who introduces the latest and greatest in modern home-gadgets. From the top-of-the-range home security, to a fully automated home theatre, here’s a sneak peek at the types of home-technology at our fingertips now. From the robotic to the electronic, you’ll never believe what they’re coming up with next.
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Home Automation Products

Rob’s smart DIY
For the modern DIY’er who wants the state-of-the-art, Rob’s got the freshest new products out now. There’s the ‘future-switch’ that saves you money each time you leave the house. And for the safest power tool around the ‘Saw-stop’ shuts off when it predicts an accident…now that’s smart! Plus a key system that means you’ll never have to change your locks again and a whole range of other innovations you’ll have to see to believe.
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Karen cooks Caesar Salad
Hearty and colourful, who doesn’t love the tasty Caesar Salad. Karen gives this classic favourite a surprisingly glamorous new look. Getting a perfectly poached egg can be quite tricky, so Karen’s got an innovative idea that will guarantee success every time. This is definitely one satisfying salad!
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Recipe available in the December issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine

Fast Ed’s edible bowl and cutlery
Over the years we’ve seen tableware evolve from the washable to the disposable, and now – to the edible! That’s right - Fast Ed shows how you can make a salad bowl complete with salad servers that you can eat! Made from simple dough and filled with delicious goat’s cheese, you’re family will be fighting over who gets to do the washing up.
Recipe available in the December issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine

Graham does tree ultrasound
So you’ve got a sick tree. But before you reach for the chainsaw, try this! Graham introduces the latest in soundwave technology that can diagnose all types of tree problems. It’s works like an ultrasound and shows what’s going on inside your tree. This sophisticated garden technology will have your tree bouncing back to life again soon – but the odd hug always helps too!
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Jason’s ultimate sustainable garden
Jason shows off the ultimate sustainable garden setup that’s not only stylish but gentle on the environment. For a cutting-edge modern look, here’s an eco-friendly vertical garden that filters water back into your home! Plus there’s a robotic solar powered lawnmower that’s not just good looking but brainy too. Who said the garden couldn’t be high tech?
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Tara’s New York cityscape lights
When you get home and just want to switch off, Tara’s got a piece of art you can switch on! Her stunning New York cityscape lights up to create the ultimate room with a view. So bring the sparkle of your favourite city to your own bedroom, then kick back and soak up the sights. So for the twinkle, without the traffic, this wall hanging’s guaranteed to impress.
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Dr Harry on holistic treatment for dogs
Alternative medicine is growing hugely popular, but it’s not just humans that can benefit from these treatments – your dog can too! Dr Harry shows how physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and even acupuncture can be used to treat a whole range of common canine problems, with astounding results! So if your four-legged friend has a sports injury or painful arthritis, this might be the solution you’ve been looking for!
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More information on the segments and recipes seen in this episode can be found in the December issue of the magazine.

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