BHG TV 15 July 2011

Better Homes and Gardens

Joh meets the next wave of Aussie inventors
Aussies have come up with some great inventions that have made our lives easier or better in some way, shape or form. The Esky, the hills hoist and the bionic ear, just to name a few! Joh takes a look at the next wave of Aussie inventions - from ladder safety to anchors and device for loading a boat!
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Rob kicks off our $2000 reno challenge
Rob kicks off our reno challenge,with $10,000 up for grabs courtesy of Spotlight, with the Clissold family in Queensland. Can this family create an Aussie bar and outdoor entertaining area on time and within budget?
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Karen cooks salted spice caramel slice
A sweet biscuit base topped with thick caramel and smothered with a layer of delicious chocolate. Yep, it’s the all-time favourite caramel slice. But with Karen’s unique twist, it’s a caramel slice with a bit of spice!

Fast Ed cooks Aussie meat pie
Nothing beats a good old Aussie meat pie. With Ed’s easy tips for creating the flakiest pastry and the most succulent chunky meat, you will be on your way to making the perfect pie.
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Jason’s road train planter
Inspired by a letter from a viewer, Jason uses old fence palings to construct cool road train planter boxes. Take this Aussie icon out of the outback and into your own backyard!
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Tara’s flag furniture
Flag furniture is hot right now. Celebrate the great southern land and decorate your home with some patriotic style! Tara takes an old piece of furniture and a little bit of blue, white and red paint to create this funky statement piece that will look great in any room in your home. Get the boutique look, without paying the boutique price!
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Dr Harry meets a kelpie that can’t swim
Blinky Bill is a fair dinkum Aussie kelpie with a very un-Australian problem - he can’t swim! He doesn’t mind the water when it’s nice and shallow, but as soon as it gets deep, he hits the panic button! How will Dr Harry get Bill swimming in the deep end?
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Dr Harry on the Australian stock horse
Dr Harry profiles a horse that Aussie legends are made of! It’s the Australian stock horse. Working the land and excelling in all kinds of equine sports, they are the breed for every need! And they’re a beautiful horse with a gentle temperament too.
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