Beyoncé falls on stage with sister Solange

Rebekah Scanlan

Just one week after suffering a double wardrobe malfunction on stage, Beyoncé has suffered another on stage disaster.

This time the mum-of-three fell on stage while performing with her sister Solange, during the second weekend of Coachella 2018.

But as with any curve ball that gets thrown at Queen Bey, she handled it with effortless grace and style. She really is one hell of a woman.

Beyoncé had another disaster during her second weekend at Coachella. Source: Getty

Things went of course when Beyoncé, 36, tried to recreate the epic performance of last week as they shook their booties for the 126,000 strong crowd.

Perhaps getting a little carried away, Bey tried to pick up her 31-year-old sister which sent them both tumbling to the ground.

Bey and her sister Solange took a fall on stage when she tried to pick her up during their dance routine. Source: Twitter
Coachella has been nicknamed Beychella this year as Beyoncé delivers iconic performances. Source: Getty

Instead of letting the very public fall get the better of her, Beyoncé — who is married to rapper Jay Z — laughed it off and continued with her headlining performance.

Of course, fans have nothing but good things to say about the whole scenario, hilariously claiming the singer didn't fall but instead the tumble was "Beyonced".

Last week Beyoncé had a wardrobe disaster when one of her custom outfits — a sequinned camouflage one-piece designed by Balmain's Olivier Rousting — exposed one of her boobs, and the matching thigh high boots slipped down to her ankles.

Beyoncé had been performing with her old Destiny's Child bandmates when disaster struck. Source:

However the star handled it like a total pro and carried on regardless.

It led to an iconic performance and the prestigious Californian festival being adorably nicknamed #Beychella.

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