“Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F”, SWV's “Tiny Desk”, and Vanessa Williams' 'Legs' top this week's Must List

See EW's top pop culture picks for the week of July 5, including Richard McGuire's novel "Here" and Columbia Pictures' screwball comedy collection.

After spending the 4th celebrating in red, white, and blue (or perhaps funeral garb, given the state of everything right now), maybe enjoy some red, white, and yellow and gear up for the release of Deadpool & Wolverine by reading our cover story by senior editor Nick Romano. Shameless plug aside, the world needs more friendships like Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s right now. As Reynolds puts it in our story, theirs “is like any relationship that is successful and works: It's that two parties are rooting for each other. I'm always rooting for Hugh to score and win.” —Patrick Gomez, Editor-in-Chief

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<p>Netflix; Mike Ruiz; Phylicia J.L. Munn/Bravo via Getty Images</p>

Netflix; Mike Ruiz; Phylicia J.L. Munn/Bravo via Getty Images

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F



Sequels born decades after the last film are usually a mixed bag — they can either be an embarrassing retread of a beloved classic or a fresh take on a tried and true formula. Netflix’s Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F falls into the latter category, with Eddie Murphy clearly having fun again reprising the character that made him a superstar. And this time, he’s an absent dad trying to make up for lost time… before it’s too late, when a corrupt police captain targets his estranged daughter. Cue that sweet Harold Faltermeyer theme. —Lester Fabian Brathwaite, Staff Writer

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SWV on NPR's "Tiny Desk"

<p>NPR</p> SMV on NPR Tiny Desk Concert Series


SMV on NPR Tiny Desk Concert Series

After an incredible Black Music Month that featured Chaka Khan, Tems, and more, NPR’s Tiny Desk series closes out the celebration with '90s R&B group SWV. Decades after their debut, their vocals still leave me weak in the knees… I can hardly speak. —Yolanda Machado, Staff Editor

Vanessa Williams new single "Legs"



Despite dropping her middle initial, the Broadway and TV star still puts the “L” in “Legs” with this infectious lead single from her upcoming ninth studio album. It’s somehow not the gay song of the summer (yet) — but, at 61, Williams has never looked or danced better. —Patrick Gomez, Editor-in-Chief

"Here" by Richard McGuire

Cover of Here by Richard Mcguire
Cover of Here by Richard Mcguire

Set in a single location across millenniums — hosting native tribes, nuclear families, and natural disasters — this grounding graphic novel by Richard McGuire puts time, place, and people into profound perspective. It's one of the best books I've read this year (and a film adaptation starring Tom Hanks and Robin Wright is coming soon!). —Allaire Nuss, Associate Editor

Watch the trailer for the Here film adaptation...uh, here.

The Columbia Screwball Collection

Celebrating 100 years of Columbia Pictures, the Criterion Channel is showcasing one of the studio's best legacies: screwball comedies. This 12-film collection includes Frank Capra’s Oscar-winning It Happened One Night; Howard Hawks’ battle of the sexes, His Girl Friday; and more. Rewatch a favorite or discover a new gem. —Maureen Lee Lenker, Senior Writer

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