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Next time, mum's the word - but it's gotta involve chocolate! We've got secrets to share. Karen's sister drops in; also, a garden with a big personality.

Fast Ed is celebrating what just might be the greatest dessert pairing of all time. He’s making blueberry cheesecake doughnuts – and they taste just as good as they sound!

Graham’s getting the garden prepared for the coming season, and sharing some handy tips on what you should do now to ensure you’re rewarded with a bumper crop this winter!

Whether you’re after the perfect first pet for the kids or an indoor-friendly furry friend, the humble guinea pig is definitely cute, practical - and best of all they make perfect indoor pets! This …

Lucy the dog isn’t a fan of trampolines, so when the kids start jumping, she starts barking – making play time a very noisy experience! Can Dr Harry get Lucy to calm down?