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Born and raised in Sydney, Dr Harry Cooper graduated with second class honours from Sydney University’s Faculty of Veterinary Science in December 1965 aged 21. He practised for several years across Sydney and the UK before his burgeoning media career became a full-time commitment.

Dr Harry began his media career on breakfast television as the veterinary expert on a local Sydney chat show. He also had a spot on Don Burke’s radio program, and joined Burke on his long-running tv series for the Nine Network, Burke’s Backyard.

Dr Harry moved to Channel Seven in 1993 to helm his first series, Talk To The Animals. In 1997, Dr Harry returned to his veterinary rooms to film the new series Harry’s Practice which ran for six years. Dr Harry joined the team of Better Homes and Gardens in 2004 and has been providing pet information and advice to viewers ever since.

In late 2007, Dr Harry was diagnosed with prostate cancer and he underwent intensive radiation treatment throughout 2008 to treat the disease. Dr Harry’s “annus horribilis” also saw him suffer through a hernia operation and a hip replacement – all within the space of a few months.

After these major health battles, Dr Harry realised it was time to make some big life changes. So after 21 years at home in Tasmania, he moved to the mid-north coast of NSW in 2011 where he has scaled down the size of the property he is responsible for. It’s also much easier for him to transport his livestock, primarily fowl and Welsh Mountain Ponies (his pride and joy), to shows and sales. And he doesn’t mind the warmer weather up there either!

In 2012, Better Homes and Gardens was awarded a record 10th Silver Logie for Australia’s Most Popular Lifestyle Program. The series is now in its 18th season.

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  1. Pamela4 days agoReport Abuse

    Very upset to see Dr Harry promoting Seaworld where intelligent creatures such as dolphins are kept in captivity. Cetaceans have extremely sophisticated social lives which are disrupted when individual animals are caught and separated from their family groups. Marine animals evolved to travel to get food. It is a challenge to hunt for food and they want to be challenged that way. So it is no favour to them to throw them dead fish and teach them tricks for human enjoyment. Some questions: What stress do these animals suffer? Are they given psychotropic drugs to make them 'behave'. How long do they live in captivity? Under what conditions did they capture these animals (a bloody bay in Japan, for instance?) Seaworld may be doing good work in other areas, but they really should stop these dolphin shows. (I only hope they don't also have killer whales doingt he same!) Pam Bundeena NSW

  2. Magdalena Babblejack5 days agoReport Abuse

    It's a silly thing I know, but my 3 year old pomeranian cross and the new Japanese Chin puppy both HATE going outside to the toilet in wet weather. That's understandable, but the new puppy would rather stand in the rain and get soaking wet for five minutes, refusing all the while to go to the toilet, and then come upstairs and do his business in the house. Little Louis is even fussy about getting his paws wet going down the steps when it's been raining.

  3. Joanne06:19pm Wednesday 16th April 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Hi Dr Harry. Please help me. I have 2 English staffies, a 7 year old male and a 3 year old female. I walk them every day but i don't enjoy it. The 3 year old is not easy to walk as she pulls constantly. She only comes good once she gets to our local oval but walking her in the town is a total battle. Every dog is her enemy and recently when she had the opportunity she sought out the neighbours dog and attacked it. When we are in the confines of home she is the most beautiful, gentle lap dog. I didn't start taking her to dog obedience until she was 6 months old and even then it was sporadic because we had to be segregated from the group and it was a struggle. Is there anything that I can do or will she remain this way? As far as treats go on a walk and trying to get her to watch me is non existent. She is very food driven normally but on a walk she is not interested in food at all. Please, if you can, help me.

  4. Lois04:25pm Monday 14th April 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Dr Harry I need your help urgently. We are caring for my daughter's dog a 1 year old puggle who continually runs at and jumps up at the back security door. He is driving us crazy. We have tried everything. Aside from this, he is a really good dog. Please help!

  5. Nikki04:04pm Wednesday 09th April 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Hi Dr Harry, First of all I watching Harry's Practice, I am from 171 Doghole road Broadwater victoria I know that is a funny name but you can't miss it. I have a big problem with my Pekin Duck Louie, We have only had her for 5 months and she has started to get what it looks like to be a fungus on her left foot just under her toe. It looks like it's starting to make her nail all dried up and grey. It breaks my heart to see her limping and putting up with the pain. W e have 3 other ducks 2 of them are pekins and one of them is an Indian Runner, I dont think any of them are getting ityet. Itt looks like it hurts. We have tried to put it in salt water it didnt make much difference, but I hope you can help we love all of our animals very much especially the ducks. Hope that is enough infomation for you. Hope you can reply. Thanks Heaps Nikki :)

  6. Ashlee10:53pm Sunday 06th April 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Dear Doctor Harry PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read this.. this is realy realy ergent. Hi my Name is Ashlee Dale i live in Aderlaide SA and i am 17. i have two dogs.. one is called pepsi and one is called max Pepsi is a 2 year old terrier cross multiese and Max is a 7 Year old Shitzu cross Laso Apso We have a problem with Max.. not only does he run away but he will eat anything alive he can get his teeth on.. i had bunnys and they got out and he ate them.. we have chickens and if they get out he will kill and eat them.. if he catches birds he will eat them. this is becoming a big problem as we are moving in a few weeks to a new house.. this house has 90 acers of land and we are getting sheep, chicken cattle and horses and my mum and step dad said that if max gets out and terrires them and kills them then we are going to have to get rid of him.. i love him so much and i cant get rid of him.. please i need to no how i can train him to not attack the animals.. i realy realy need your help please i am begging u please..u dont no how much i need ur help.. i have 4 weeks to change him and if i cant then he has to go.. but i cant let him go.. PLEASE i need u.. i hope you can help me out i realy realy realy need your help..please help me..

  7. Naomi10:39am Wednesday 02nd April 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Hi Dr. Harry Can you please advise me on what to do with my miniature groodle, Benson, he was given to me at 6 months old and I have even resorted to giving him to a new family but they couldn't cope and returned him. He is the most loving and beautiful boy with people but when he sees another dog he goes bezerk and and seems to want to kill them, this makes it very difficult to walk him especially when other people have their dogs off lead. Help please, what do I do with him. Naomi

  8. marcitta07:17pm Sunday 30th March 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Dr harry I need lots of help I got my pure bred jack Russell on 29 of march and it rips up my pillow a chews my blackest and attacks my brother by bitting his pants and shirt and his leg and also attacks other dogs I'm only 11 and me and my mum cant train it not even sit, lie down and roll over we need help please contact me on 0432233755 thanks.

  9. Helen02:01pm Saturday 29th March 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Hi Dr Harry, I have quite a dilemma regarding my beautiful dog Pippa. She is a pug cross foxie who sleeps with me and also wants to be with you all the time. i am going overseas in May for a month and she will be staying with my 88yr old mother who is not 100% on her legs and cannot lift her onto the bed. Pippa cannot jump onto her bed - I have bought doggy stairs but she is terribly afraid of them. I have tried enticing her with food but no go, she just eats what she can reach. I really don't know what to do as if she isn't on the bed she sits and cries all the times and this is distressing for her and mum who adores her. In the past mum has slept on the lounge but she can't do this for a month. Is there anything you can suggest?. I look forward to hearing from you.

  10. Nadine11:45pm Friday 28th March 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Dear Dr Harry, my daughter loves horse riding and we would love to purchase her a horse in the next year once we have our property set up correctly. I also want to take this time to get my 2 labs accustomed to horses. They bark and carry on when they see a horse and I would like advice on how best to introduce horses to my dogs so that in the event we purchase a horse everyone (horse, dog, people) are safe and comfortable. Thanks The Dowley Family


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