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November 29, 2007, 4:47 pm betterhomesgardens


Interior Design Expert

Tara shares her expertise in interior style and design to Better Homes and Gardens and shows viewers how to make the most out of their homes and how to transform them with great ideas and inspiration without having to spend a fortune.

"I always look forward to sharing my ideas on style trends and great make overs for the home. Home is where I love to be more than anywhere, so my inspiration and creativity comes from wanting to make the things I live with each day as good and comfortable as they can possibly be."

Tara began working on television behind the scenes researching and co-coordinating decorating and design stories for various television programs with her first on-air role being part of the original Changing Rooms designers in 1998.

After two years, Tara moved on to become a regular presenter on the very successful lifestyle program Our House and worked alongside some of the industry greats, Shirley Strachan, Reg Livermore and Rebecca Gilling.

In 2002, Tara continued her television career as a reporter for the local travel show Postcards as well presenting design segments for Mornings With Kerri-Anne and the Today show. During this time, Tara was also a major part of the hugely successful renovating specials Renovation Rescue joining popular personalities Jamie Durie, Scott Cam and Deborah Hutton to lend a helping hand to those in need.

In 2003, after joining the Burkes Backyard team as Interior Style and Design Presenter, Tara was also signed on as part of the DIY Rescue team along with Leah Mcleod, Luke Van Dyck and Greg Norton.

After the completion of the DIY Rescue series, the popularity of the lifestyle programs continued. Renovation Rescue went on to become a regular show which Tara continued to be a part of until 2005.

In addition to her work on television, Tara has also completed her first book in association with Jamie Durie Publishing and Harper Collins. Appropriately named Home, the book was entirely written and styled by Tara and photographed by Martyn Rushby. Home was released in November 2005.

Tara also has an exciting and extensive new web site http://www.taradennis.com which she updates every week with new style trends, ideas and projects, all designed to help others to make their homes even better.

As well as presenting for television and writing, Tara also engages in private as well as corporate design commissions and works extensively as a photographic stylist and colour consultant. Tara can be seen regularly at industry exhibitions and events, conducting public demonstrations and stage talks.

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  1. Mia09:46pm Friday 14th March 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Hi Tara, I'm interested in learning to tile. I have a few tiling jobs around the house to be done but even though I have quotes, tilers seem to be always busy. Wonder if you know of community colleges, or of a Tafe that can teach a short course (1 night per wk over 3-4 weeks) in tiling within Sydney's inner west. I've checked on the web but are too far. Or it would be just great if you held classes especially for women who want to learn, perhaps at Bunnings. A course is much more practical than learning from the web. Just to let you know there are mosaic tiling courses but I would like to learn wall and floor tiling. Many thanks

  2. Barbara09:36am Friday 28th February 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Dear Tara, I took my grandchildren to a night at Bunnings Villawood last night to see you. They were all thrilled to get your photograph and autograph, to talk to you and to have a Photo taken with you. You are so approachable and friendly. They loved having a turn painting, especially the twins one was very thrilled to find a spec of paint on his leg this morning. They have all set off to school this morning with their photos, macrame hangers, Dulux dogs and bursting to share their experience with their teachers and friends. Thank you for giving them a great night with fantastic memories. They all watch BH&G religiously (me too!) and you are definitely their favorite . We all enjoyed the night enormously. Again, a big thank you. Barbara Ford

  3. Jo11:57am Monday 27th January 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Hi Tara. I love the show and particularly love your "arts & crafts" section....regarding the Air Dry Clay decorations that you showed in the Christmas specials - I have been trying to locate the alphabet stamps you used to stamp the name into the decorations. Can you suggest where I might be able to buy them? Also, what clay and paint do you recommend? Thank you :)

  4. Amelia08:23pm Friday 13th December 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Hi Tara. So i moved into my house one year ago from today. I have a relatively big room with an attached sunroom. I have done absolutely nothing with my rom since we moved in. I am 14 years old and desperately want my own space, that i can go to to chill out and relax. I have an idea of what i want to do, but i have no idea how to do it. I really need your help. Please Help!!!!!!!!! BTW. Merry Christmas!!!!

  5. Erica02:38pm Wednesday 11th December 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Hi Tara, I'm building a new house next year and I was wondering if can can advise me on some tiling- I have collected coaster size tiles from all the places I've traveled and would like to make a collage out of them for my kitchen splash back but I'm not sure where to start when the time comes would you be interested in helping me put them all to together, my kitchen is mostly French country style with natural stone pavers for the floor, green Onyx for the bench tops( this has a copper stone swirl look with Dulux -Raw Cotton A162 for the walls, I have a Belfast sink as well, please Tara can you help. thanks Erica.

  6. alexis02:50pm Monday 11th November 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Hi, my name is Alexis and I am interested in some decorating tips to make my home a country cottage with leather furniture. I have a husband, two young children, a cat and two dogs. I have started by laying Beach coloured floorboards, but have been unable to continue because of a back injury. My husband and close family have stepped in and laid some skirting, but my home feels incomplete. could you please help, or just give me some ideas. Thank you, I much appreciate it.

  7. Rose12:06pm Tuesday 15th October 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Dear Tara, hope you're well. After years of saving I managed to buy a house. It was what I could afford at that time. I managed to renovate that place and also did the landscaping and the back gardening. However due to lack of knowledge on how to fix the kitchen, I really need your assistance. The kitchen is extremely small and there's lots of storage and space issues. Cooking is my passion but I haven't been cooking that much as I don't find it a conducive place to do so. Currently, I have to leave things on the floors and I have put a gas stove to help me on a day to day basis. Looking 4ward to hearing from you. Regards. Rose

  8. Kay11:38am Saturday 12th October 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Hi Tara, My name is Kay Davis. We watch you on the show show every week, my Husband thinks you are amazing and so do I ! We have just bought a town house near the ocean in Perth, we would like your help in creating a Hamptons Beach theme. It is quite small and we do not want to clutter it up. I have lots of antique furniture to sell so I will have a good budget for this. We would appreciate any tips tips and tricks to make the renovations stylish and elegant. Why not do a show in Perth and come and see what you can do with our place. Keep up the good work x

  9. Annie04:25pm Tuesday 02nd July 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Hi Tara, Do you recall the lovely white built in bookcase you built - you added a deep blue backing to make it a bit different, well, we copied that bookcase, including the same colour blue backing - it looks stunning. Hubby added some led lights that throw light onto the ceiling, and at night he doesn't need to have the overhead lights on at all.. I took progress photos. Honestly, it was as easy as you said it was. Thanks for the inspiring idea. Annie

  10. Anny04:06pm Tuesday 02nd July 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Hi Tara, Your works are amazing! I love every single of them and I admire you so much that I have tried to study interior design to hope one day I could work with you. I find the connection between us. If there would be a chance I would love to work with you right now as I am volunteer myself to work with you. I wanted badly to be your co-worker and also to be taught by you so I can learn more and gain experience for my future career as well as to be able to renovate our own home which is seriously needed a transformer inside- out so our children can live in a better and healthier environment. Thank you so much, Tara!!! Anny


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