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Graham Ross, has educated, entertained and inspired Australia's gardening community and aspiring green thumbs during a career that has spanned more than 40 years.

Graham has shared his passion for all things green and growing since he joined the multi-award winning Better Homes and Gardens TV when it was launched on the Seven Network in 1995.

"I have greatly enjoyed working on the last 500 or so episodes of Better Homes and Gardens TV program showing our huge following of viewers the latest in garden trends. Currently our garden styles and home landscaping are changing due to the economy, the squeeze on people's leisure time and the boom in home ownership across Australia as a new generation establish families and gardens. I look forward to providing more tips, the latest ideas, new plant releases and inspirational suggestions for our traditional viewer gardeners and those new to the hobby in Better Homes and Gardens' 13th year!", he says.

Graham combines his television schedule with a highly successful radio career. He, his wife, Sandra, and daughter, Linda, present a three-hour gardening program every Saturday and Sunday morning for Radio 2GB. The show is now broadcasting in its record 27th year, making it one of the longest running, and highest rating programs, in Australian radio history. His seasonal gardening tips can also be heard on 60 radio stations across Australia.

Broadcasting commitments aside, Graham and Sandra share an exhaustive schedule that incorporates as many as 25 garden tours a year in Australia and overseas and running the family business, 'The Garden Clinic'. This venture includes publishing a 100 page glossy magazine for Garden Clinic Club members.

The couple's children, Linda and Kent, have inherited their parents' love for horticulture and both work closely with Graham and Sandra on various projects.

Graham began his career when he started working at his local nursery during his final school years. He went on to graduate from the Ryde School of Horticultural TAFE in 1964 with post graduate qualifications in Park Administration, Horticulture, Greenkeeping and Agronomy.

During his career he has worked as a landscaper, nurseryman and park superintendent before returning to Ryde TAFE in 1970 to teach horticulture. He was soon promoted to Senior Head Teacher of Horticulture then Head of the Division of Horticulture for the state of NSW, a position he held until 1980.

In the late 1970's Graham moved into the media. He began producing and presenting gardening programs for ABC television in 1978 and later started a regular gardening segment on the Seven Network's 11AM programme in 1980 and as a Horticultural reporter on Seven National News. He was gardening editor for Sydney's Daily Telegraph for four years and worked on the former Sun Newspaper in Sydney for 10 years.

Over the years Graham has been involved with several professional and industry associations including the Sydney, Royal Botanic Garden Trust, the Royal Horticultural Society of NSW, the NSW and Australian Nursery & Garden Industry Associations. He is currently patron of the NSW Rose Society and was also consultant to the Sydney International Garden Festival and many Sydney flower & garden show projects. He is President of the Horticultural Media Association (NSW).

Graham is presently working on the second edition of their 1990 best seller, 'Our World of Gardening', and his much awaited Memoirs.

In 1995, Sandra and Graham received Good Citizens Awards for Services to the Community through Radio.

In November 1999, Graham's contributions to Australian horticulture were recognised when he and Sandra were presented with the NSW Nursery Industry Association's Horticultural Media Award for Excellence. The award is presented annually and honours achievements for promoting gardening in the Australian media.

In 2000, the Australian Horticultural Media Association presented Graham with their inaugural Electronic Laurel in recognition of his horticultural radio and television career, in particular 2GB, Better Homes and Gardens and Groundforce television shows.

Graham and his family opened up their garden centre at Beecroft Village Gardens in Sydney which offers gardeners the most comprehensive range of products and services available.

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  1. sharon07:15pm Saturday 08th March 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Hi Graham, I just watched your show dated 7th March regarding the espalier. Its great that you have shown in detail how to install the horizontal wire system for the espalier plants to run. However, the type of fence that I have is a standard steel fence similar to the colorbond steel fence range. It is not exactly fitted properly, crooked on some areas and we don't really want to touch it. What I am thinking of is getting a colorbond steel pole to sit in front of the existing supporting poles, spaced away from it of course; then drill some holes into it (don't know exactly which direction) then use a similar bottle screw and eyelet you recommended on the show. Would you be able to give us some advice on the products for the exact poles and screws to use, since our fencing system is different to the wooden fence shown on your show? Many thanks.

  2. Heather04:15pm Wednesday 19th February 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Hi I have a little garden growing a few kale plants and last season my daughter lost her corn which I thought it may have been mice. I am now loosing my kale plants to somethink and I think it could be skinks or something. Have tried a vegetable powder or dust but doesn't work, any ideas most welcome. Thanks Trevor

  3. rada09:32am Friday 24th January 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Hi Graham I would love to purchase the French garden, portable herb garden that was on the Jan 3rd episode. If you can let me know where to buy, would be appreciated. Regards Rada

  4. Kay09:45am Tuesday 07th January 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Hi Graham, something has been eating and destroying my veggie patch. Every morning I wake up to a new destruction. First they ate all flowers and small fruits of zucchini and squashes and then they moved on to the sweet corn and completely destroyed all the plants. They ripped all the kohlrabi plants and eaten them up. Last night they discovered the tomatoes and peas. They have eaten all the green tomatoes and snow peas. I have used chilli and garlic spray and also lapsang souchong tea on the plants but nothing seems to bother them. I have a puppy at home so I don’t want to use any poisonous stuff around the garden. I haven’t seen what causing the problem, but it happens every night and I have seen small dropping similar to rats dropping on the plant leaves and on top of the fence. I worked so hard to get this veggie patch to where it is now and this creature has been destroying everything. I am so frustrated and helpless... What should I do? Please help. Thanks. Kay from Sydney

  5. Thea05:05pm Monday 06th January 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Where can I buy the French Garden that I have seen on BHG. It was on the Summer Edition last week. I have tried several Bunnings stores but had no luck. I also tried the internet but French Garden didn't come up.

  6. Mal07:10pm Tuesday 17th December 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Graham, we live in Bowen N QLD. We have retired from work this year and spent money and time on our garden since. A new, unpopular local council has introduced new expensive water rates, with the result everyone is afraid to use it like we used to. We installed vege gardens to save money as well as for health and were very proud of our garden and lawn. But now our plants, veges and lawn are looking terrible and we would appreciate your advice on water saving methods, plants, grey water use etc.We would love if you could visit.

  7. Isabella09:17pm Saturday 14th December 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Hi Graham, I have a plant that I am not sure what it is.I think it may be with the Bergonia family of plants but not sure. It is growing very well in a pot. How can I find out what it is.

  8. Shirley09:01pm Friday 15th November 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Hi Graham, I'm a binge gardener, i.e I get motivated for short periods, so my garden has to be prepared to care for itself. I live in Dunolly in Central Victoria. We get severe frosts from time to time and very hot dry periods. What can I plant in the garden under an ash tree that will be colourful in summer but will not require much work. The area gets morning sun but is shaded by the tree midday and gets mottled sun in the afternoon. I already have jonquils that come up in winter. Thanks

  9. Sharene12:35pm Wednesday 06th November 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Hi Graham, We have sold our house and move out in January 2014....I have a beautiful Pink Desert Rose which I wish to take with me. Is there any special way to dig it out and replant it? ....It has been in the ground for about 2 years and stands about 1.5 meters from the top of the ground. Regards Sharene

  10. Lynn05:36pm Monday 04th November 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Graham, I need some help, I need to know if it is possible to revive a Wollemi Pine that was in a pot but now severely damaged by the recent bushfire. My friends have lost their home and I would like to resurrect their pine if possible. I am very patient and I figure that they are native and must have survived bushfires in the wild. What do you think my chances are and give me a few hints on where to start. Please and thank you


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