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November 29, 2007, 5:05 pm betterhomesgardens


DIY and Renovating Expert

Rob started in the industry as a nine year old working at his Dad’s company during school holidays. He continued working at his father’s company after he left school.

From 1994-1998, Rob completed a carpentry apprenticeship and he then travelled for a year working, playing rugby and snowboarding. On his return to Australia he started up his own company, RJP Constructions.

It was while he was working as a carpenter in 2000 that Rob was approached to be a presenter on Live This!, a lifestyle programme on Channel 10 which aired until 2001.

Rob then started on Seven’s Better Homes and Gardens and also did a stint on the network’s DIY program, House Calls To The Rescue, with Johanna Griggs.

Rob met his wife Gwen, in Wales during the 1999 Rugby World Cup. They struck up a friendship and, as fate would have it, she was sent to Sydney in 2000 to cover the Olympics for a Welsh television program. They married in 2003 and have a son, Gruffydd, and daughter, Branwen.

In 2010, Rob took out the 10th season of DANCING WITH THE STARS with his professional dance partner Alana Patience.

He supports Diabetes Australia, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and is a regular contributor to Diabetic Living magazine after being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes aged seven.

Rob is in his last year of a Construction Project Management Degree at UTS.

In 2012, Better Homes and Gardens was awarded a record 10th Silver Logie for Australia’s Most Popular Lifestyle Program. The series is now in its 18th season.

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  1. GraceL07:26pm Sunday 30th March 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Hi Rob, We are best friends, next-door neighbours and high school students in year 10 and we have always had a dream of owning our very own tree house! Our dads are getting too old and dream is slowly slipping away through our fingertips. It would be so awesome and mean a lot if you could help us out and build our dream treehouse! Kind regards Grace and Chantal :)

  2. eliane10:17am Tuesday 25th March 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Hi, Rob. Our garden is quite small (6mx9m) and the paved area is not large enough when we have parties. The sort of retaining wall is made of large rocks. How can we move them to make the paved area wider, we are in a town house and the only access to the back-yard is through the house. You are very welcome to do for us and film the whole thing! Thanks for your ideas. Eliane

  3. teresa12:10pm Sunday 23rd March 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Hi Rob we are a trucking family and have been trying to find a pattern to make a truck bed/toy box for my baby son for when he moves into a big bed. My farther inlaw is willing to make it and we have a basic picture of what we want just need a pattern to make it can you help us out please

  4. Nadine11:07am Monday 17th March 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Hi Rob, My husband & I are trying to plan a ramp entry to our back door, which currently has three steps. I have MS and at times I struggle using the steps to enter the house. We are aren't the most creative when it comes to house design and are really baffled about the best way to create an attractive entry way with a ramp. Do you have any upcoming segments that may include this?? Nadine 0410490399

  5. Dee01:20pm Wednesday 05th March 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Hi Rob, Just wanted to ask a quick question on a pallet wine rack you showed how to make on the show we have made one and it turned out very cool but as to how to hang it into a jyprock wall how do we go about it , does it need to go into studs and if so how many as i think i only have one in the middle to work with , any help would be greatly appreciated . thanks Dee :)

  6. Nicole11:13am Tuesday 04th March 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Hi Rob, We are trying to renovate our kitchen but are having problems with tradies not showing up and doing an ok job. I need advice about where to start if I have to complete it myself. We have the cabinets together and in place but not properly level and square. Our appliances are not installed but wiring started. Painting is started with undercoat but not sure on colour for topcoat (kitchen is off white). We have removed some tiles so will need to retile. There are no kickboards in or handles. I am so lost and feeling overwhelmed. We have 2 children (5 and 20months) so want to finish it so we can use the kitchen. Please help. Where do I start? What comes first? Nicole

  7. daryl07:41pm Wednesday 26th February 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    daryl, hi rob I have an issue with my guttering and down pipes ,, as I have bought an older style house , I am having trouble detatching the guttering from the house its an old square guttering and I cant seem to budge it would be interested in your reply many thanks...

  8. Jessica07:46pm Tuesday 25th February 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    I like your chanels

  9. Derek02:29pm Sunday 23rd February 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Hi Rob my wife and I bought a house 5 years ago and each stage has been hard because when we first moved our roof had let go from a storm and our finance that we had planned to use on things had to be used else where. Well I have just had time to try and work on some stuff on the house as I have just been given 3-4 months off work by the doctor. Where it now brings me to writing this letter to you and your team as I have a few things I would like to see on the show so I can try and do it myself I am not sure how to contact you or the team so here it goes. My house was built about the 1970's and had a large area under it witch is good for the kids and family. I have pulled down the previous owners work that was really not that good but I am now looking at repairing the concrete floor. I am looking at using an epoxy flooring to help hide the dints and bumps and make it look sterile. I am also looking at welding up some bird cages for my birds witch would be up Dr Harry's alley as I think he would like these type of birds. The area under the house would be also for hand rearing chicks hence the reason for the having the Sterile look downstairs. My wife and I both work shift work and are time poor as a family so I often try and do the large jobs when my wife and son are over seas but I often don't make the time frame and she turns up with a large messy house. I suppose out of the big letter the biggest thing I am after is seeing an epoxy floor done on your show. Feel free to contact me on 0417762907

  10. Corinna08:34am Sunday 23rd February 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Hi Rob My son bought a house 5 years ago. The laundry area was at one stage an outdoor patio. Half of the laundry floor which is floorboards, is lower than the other half by around an inch which is making it difficult for us to fix. You walk from the kitchen (high) to the laundry (half low) to the toilet (high). Have you got any tips for us on what we can use to fix this problem. We have been procrastinating on this for a long time. Kind regards Corinna


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