Have you taken inspiration from Better Homes and Gardens and made any of our projects? If so, we would love to see some photos or video! CLICK HERE so we can view your masterwork.

Have you got something weird and wonderful growing in your garden? Do you have a problem that needs solving or maybe a garden that you are really proud of, and would love to see it featured on our show? CLICK HERE and we can solve your garden problems.

Do you have a room that could use a makeover or perhaps a cluttered room that needs a helping hand to sort out? Is there a craft or furniture project you would like to see on the show? CLICK HERE so we can help.

Have you got a room that needs to be de-cluttered? Better Homes and Gardens TV is looking for garages, spare rooms, bedrooms, kitchens or craft rooms that need storage solutions. CLICK HERE

Got a pet question you need sorted? Ask us and you never know, Dr Harry may be able to help you out. CLICK HERE to ask your question.

Have you got a DIY project you're very proud of? Would you like Better Homes and Gardens TV to show the rest of Australia how to make it? CLICK HERE so we can help you out.

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Better Homes and Gardens Competition Winners 2015

Better Homes and Gardens Competition Winners 2015

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