Next time on Better Homes and Gardens

We’re hitting the road and heading to beautiful Coffs Harbour, in northern NSW, for a special episode. Inspired by the spectacular coastline, we’ve got great ideas for the warmer weather - from …

Joh, Adam and Jason get a house ready for sale

Joh, Adam and Jason combine forces to help a young couple sell their home and teach you tips and tricks to add value to your own property. Together, they’ll spend $10,000, but you won’t believe …

Karen Martini's Japanese meatballs

When guests drop by at the last minute, there’s no need to panic! Karen’s got a meatball recipe with a Japanese twist, which you can make in minutes and is sure to impress!

Tara's playroom makeover

Tara goes to the aid of a busy mother of two, who hasn’t got time to keep an eye on the kids and work at the same time. To help out, Tara creates a home office and playroom in one!

Dr Harry meets a dog obsessed with windscreen wipers

When they’re in the car, some dogs stick their noses out the window, others bark at passers-by - but Griffin is obsessed with windscreen wipers! Can Dr Harry help Griffin (and his owners) out?

Graham teaches us Mulching 101

Making your own mulch is a great way to turn your garden leftovers into something useful, and it’s really easy to do! Graham shows us how.

Fast Ed's sausage and sauerkraut hotpot

This week, Ed’s celebrating the tastes of Germany, just in time for Oktoberfest! This dish will get everyone into the spirit, and trick the kids into eating their veggies at the same time.

Joh finds a hidden gem in Lightning Ridge

The far north NSW town of Lightning Ridge is well-renowned for black opal gemstones. But this week Joh has found another local gem – an opal miner who came to the region to find his fortune, but …

Karen Martini's Cape Leveque crab

Cape Leveque, at the northern tip of the Dampier Peninsula in The Kimberley, WA has been home to the Indigenous Bardi people for over 40,000 years, and Karen is there to meet a local Aboriginal man …

Jason meets local legend Jangling Jack

Jason visits a reclusive local legend in Wiseman's Ferry who turns scrap metal into phenomenal works of art. But Jason’s not just there for the view – he’s going to show us how to make a …



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