• Beautiful Homes: creative, eco-friendly home renovation

Creative, eco-friendly renovation

Wander through the front door of this pretty yet unassuming semi in Sydney’s Queens Park, and it doesn’t take long to get a sense of the personalities of its owners. Light pours into the airy open space, illuminating clusters of artfully placed textiles, vintage collectables and artworks, and drawing attention to the lush native garden outside. The house is a welcoming three-bedroom family abode that doubles as a showcase for the couple’s much loved collectables and growing art collection

The home is full of clever eco-friendly features, from a water tank connected to the house to eco-glass windows which facilitate natural heating and cooling. Northern light fills every room. In winter the sun warms the place up and the eco-glass keeps the heat in. And in summer it’s like a natural airconditioning system. All the hot air escapes through the louvres on the second level to keep the house cool.

The centrepoint of the home’s design is a double-height void over the kitchen and the sun-filled courtyard, which allows light to flow into the airy studio upstairs.

Photo by Craig Wall Oct 12, 2012


Beautiful Homes: creative, eco-friendly home renovation

A celebration of light and love, this family home shines with personality.


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