• Beautiful Homes: ultimate cottage renovation

Home: ultimate cottage renovation

Eager to retain some of the original features of this 1940s weatherboard bungalow, appropriately named Jacaranda Cottage for its beautiful flowering jacaranda trees, such as the verandah, the sandstone foundations and the fireplace the owners opted to renovate rather than knock down, turning the home into one spacious open-plan level with a U-shaped internal layout.

During a year-long renovation, the home's was completely restructured. Now, a new wing comprises the living areas, kitchen and dining area, and a second is home to the bedrooms. The end result is a clever design combining the couple's desired cottage feel with contemporary open-plan living.

Photo by Craig Wall Oct 5, 2012


Beautiful Homes: ultimate cottage renovation

A family returns to a place of childhood memories to bring about the ultimate cottage renovation.


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