Colour code renovation

Those who believe that blue and green should never be seen obviously don’t share Simon and Felicia’s technicoloured vision. The couple took a neglected two-bedroom, one-bathroom cottage in a leafy suburb of Perth and transformed it into a vibrant three-bedroom, three-bathroom open-plan home where a kaleidoscope of colour pops in every corner. But behind the home’s candy-coloured candles, cushions and artwork is a palette that’s deceivingly clean and simple. “I believed that if we kept our furniture, walls and flooring quite natural, we could mix up our interiors as we wished,” explains Felicia.

When the couple purchased the rundown property in 2009, they knew instantly that the poky old place was a perfect fit for their plans. “We wanted an old-style Federation home that we could update with a sympathetic modern extension,” explains Simon. “This place was forward on the block, double brick as opposed to weatherboard and was on a large piece of land, close to the beach.”

Before moving in, the couple sat down and each pre-designed their ideal restoration. When they compared notes, they were stunned to discover their drawings were almost identical. “We were on the same page from the beginning,” says Simon. Not everything was so easy, however. At the project’s halfway point, the roof design had to be changed, and inexperience led to some unfortunate dealings with contractors. They also had budgeting issues. Regardless, “We decided to finish the project to the highest standard we possibly could,” says Felicia.

Just months after moving back in, the couple proudly showed off their new pad during a relaxed New Year’s Eve wedding in their backyard. Now, they’re looking forward to welcoming their first child in December and putting the family-friendly space to good use. “We really wanted to create a space that was comfortable, easy to clean and durable for kids, dogs, entertaining and living,” says Felicia. “We can spend quality time here together as a family.”

Completed work: $500,000

Photo by Jody D’Arcy | Home Beautiful Apr 11, 2012


Colour code renovation

Rose-tinted glasses and a shared vision helped a Perth couple turn a poky, run-down eyesore into a colourful dream home.


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