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Baked on a bed of rich tomato sauce, these homemade lamb sausages are packed full of Mediterranean flavours. Yum!

Crunch into this Middle-Eastern spin on pizza, topped with spiced lamb, herbs, hummus and yoghurt. It’s a dinner delight in a dash!

Parsnips are a classic winter vegetable and they have a starring role in this filling meal.

Envelop lightly spiced pork mince and slinky vermicelli noodles in crispy lettuce leaf ‘baskets’. Top with aromatic fresh mint, Thai basil and chilli.

Chicken mince works wonders in the black bean and corn filling, while fresh coriander, avocado and lime juice round out the Mexican flavours.

Not only are these easy to whip up – you simply mix batter, add vegetables and fry – they’re also a great way to use up leftover vegies. Meat eaters can try including cooked chicken, cooked …

Kimchi is perhaps Korea’s most famous culinary creation. A dish of pickled cabbage flavoured boldly with chilli and garlic, it is served at every meal – yes, even breakfast! Traditionally it is …

Now here’s a cooking method we Aussies know all about – barbecuing. And it turns out the Korean cuisine is quite accustomed to this practice of cooking, too. Start up your barbie (or frying pan) …

This version of ricotta gnudi is made with fresh, seasonal beetroot and is such a colourful winter dish! Gnudi is fluffier than gnocchi as it doesn’t contain potato.

Giving those classic flavours a twist couldn’t be easier! Cutting and roasting your chicken in pieces means less time going from oven to plate.

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Better Homes and Gardens Competition Winners 2015

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