• Colour profiles: Choosing the right colour for your interior


White and neutral schemes are popular because they create a great base in your home, which you can add numerous other feature colour to. Whites range from cool shade to warm, depending on their undertone. When you select a white or neutral, it's important to check it against other colours or finishes in the same place.
Cool whites go well with a range of colour groups and are often used in modern colour schemes. Warms whites are often seen in more traditional interiors and combine well with other warm hues, like those from an earthy palette.
WATCH the Dulux Colour Advice video for Whites.

Mar 15, 2013


Colour profiles: Choosing the right colour for your interior

Find the right colour for your space with this simple guide.

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  1. Pauline02:39pm Wednesday 08th May 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    I LOVE the colour pink but after seeing the shade I would have picked in the photo here there is no way I would have liked it. It's just too pink, so thank heavens I was able to look at other shades and combinations. Thank you.

  2. Steve H06:29pm Tuesday 19th March 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Antique white USA . One of the classic white shades.


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