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  • Give your home a Tuscan feelarticle-editorial

    Give your home a Tuscan feel

    Inspired by the sunsoaked hills of Northern Italy, Tuscan texture delivers a rustic, soft-washed effect in warm tones. Rich umber and earthy olives set the mood for relaxed living with warm colours like Lava Crust and Natural Wheat creating spaces ready-made for perfect alfresco dining.

  • Painting exterior wallsarticle-editorial

    Painting exterior walls

    There’s no reason why you should neglect outside walls. There’s nothing better than al fresco summer dinners or days spent by the pool, so put a little time and care into your exterior walls and keep them looking great whatever the weather. If you don’t have an outdoor area, you can use your creativity to redesign your entrance way or front door.

  • How to Apply Fine Cover Texturearticle-editorial

    How to Apply Fine Cover Texture

    Creating a poolside or courtyard Oasis Dulux Texture Fine Cover. This attractive light texture profile is perfect for exterior walls, courtyards or garden features. This flexible acrylic texture paint can delivers a fine, sandy finish and comes in uplifting shades like Ocean Surf and Rainmaker, that will illuminate your exterior walls and infuse your outdoor areas with cool colour.

  • How to Apply Rock Texturearticle-editorial

    How to Apply Rock Texture

    Transform your everyday exterior into a bold backdrop for urban entertaining. With a subtle, light grain texture and colours including Weathered Rock and European Stone, Dulux Texture Rock delivers a superfine sand finish, making it easy for you to create striking, rock-textured features for your existing walls.

  • Transform your home with textured wallsarticle-editorial

    Transform your home with textured walls

    If your home is beautifully decorated inside, don’t let your exteriors let you down. Read on to find out how to use textured walls to create stylish outdoor areas that are as polished as the home they surround.

  • How to spray paint a fencehow-to-guide

    How to spray paint a fence

    The quickest way to paint a long fence is to spray it. While you could use a handy electric spray gun, you’ll be constantly refilling the tank. An airless spray gun, that sucks paint directly from a paint tin, is much faster. The hiring costs for a weekend are about $250, so it’s only worthwhile for large jobs. You’ll be so fast, it’s worth doing a few other jobs such as a neighbour’s fence, the shed or even your house!

  • Painting your homearticle-editorial

    Painting your home

    Add thousands of dollars to the value of your home with a new paint job.

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