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  • Colour Makeovers Made Easyarticle-editorial

    Colour Makeovers Made Easy

    Let's face it - there's nothing like walking into a freshly painted room to lift your spirits. A new lick of colour can instantly change the ambience of a room, create a sense of space or highlight your favourite piece of furniture. Best yet, it won't cost you bucket loads.

  • Colour advicearticle-editorial

    Colour advice

    Colours can transform a room, a house, a single wall and even your mood. They reflect the world around us and new colours of paint are in fact cleverly developed in tune with the latest consumer trends and social movements. Each year, colour and design experts meet at global colour forecasting conferences, from which new palettes and themes originate. Ultimately, the colours you choose for your home are personal to you, but read on to help yourself to get inspired

  • Experimenting with colourarticle-editorial

    Experimenting with colour

    It’s all too easy to get stuck in a decorating rut. You stick with the same colours you’ve been using for years, touching up old paintwork rather than embracing a radical overhaul. However, experimenting with paint is a fun and easy way to continually update the look of your living or workspace, and mixing up your interior decorating can transform your home and your mood. Get creative and have some fun!

  • This season’s coloursarticle-editorial

    This season’s colours

    When you hear about the new season’s emerging colour trends, it’s often the world of high-end fashion and elite runways that you think of first. However, every year colour experts from the field of interior design meet to discuss what influences will be dominating the aesthetic arena and appearing on the walls of your home.

  • How to spray paint a cane chairhow-to-guide

    How to spray paint a cane chair

    An easy and effective way to give your tired cane furniture a sleek, modern finish is by spray-painting it in a high-gloss black. You can use an electric spray gun for most paints, which means you’re not limited to the colours available in prepacked spray cans. Spray guns cost from $40 to about $200, so go for an average-priced unit.

  • Decorating colours for your homearticle-editorial

    Decorating colours for your home

    Selecting colours for your home should be an exciting experience as you envisage how beautiful your rooms will look when they’re finished. Here's your ultimate guide.

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