How To Paint

How To Paint

How To Paint

  1. Unexpected colour combinations that look amazing

    Stuck in a colour rut? Check out these unusual colour schemes that really work.

  2. Most bizarre paint colour names of all time

    What were they thinking? With names like pancake syrup and child’s play, these paint...

  3. 10 ways choosing a paint colour is like choosing a partner

    Finding the perfect paint match is like finding a partner in more ways than you can...

  4. Experimenting with colour

    It’s all too easy to get stuck in a decorating rut. You stick with the same colours...

  5. Transform your space with paint

    Choose paint like the professionals with this guide to painting your home. Your space...

  6. Avoiding DIY paint mishaps

    An idyllic weekend afternoon painting your bedroom or patching up the paintwork in your...

  7. Colour Makeovers Made Easy

    Let's face it - there's nothing like walking into a freshly painted room to lift your...

  8. Colour profiles: Choosing the right colour for your interior

    Find the right colour for your space with this simple guide.

Reinvigorate your space with colour

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