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Every Christmas of my life has been spent with my family, and I look forward to that exclusive time from the moment the store decorations go up. Our tradition is to head to our lovely shack by the river, which was bought by my parents about 50 years ago and has literally grown with us over the years – as evidenced by many fibro extensions!

It’s there where we gather to play cards on the deck, drink wine, tell stories and nap after meals. I look forward more and more each year to spending real time with my sisters. Coming from a family of all girls, I am biased, but I think there is nothing quite as wonderful as the relationship between sisters. They are my best friends, taking a starring role in my life as my supporters, my confidantes, my benchmarks, and as the people I can rely on to tell me what I really need to hear. None of us are perfect, but a lifetime spent together has made us understand each other’s faults, and love and laugh at them equally.

It’s around this time of year that the first emails start to fly – the Christmas food planning begins. We start deciding what each of us will bring to the Christmas table. I was given an early glimpse of this exact thing taking place as we worked on this issue. This year, we’re very lucky to have Australian food doyenne Margaret Fulton invite us to her table for Christmas. We spent a day with her and the wonderful women in her family as they prepared their favourite Christmas recipes. As they argued playfully over who would claim each recipe, chatted in the kitchen and, each in turn, quietly sang the praises of one another to me, I saw another family of women blessed with that same special bond. That was when the true excitement of Christmas kicked in.

Of course, each Christmas with my own daughters gets more and more fun, and as I watch my girls giggling together, I can’t help but feel that the real joy of Christmas is our family, and in knowing what a heartwarming relationship my daughters have ahead of them.

Merry Christmas!



36-page Festive Food Special!

In the latest issue of Home Beautiful, we are counting the days down to Christmas and we have everything you need in Christmas entertaining to help you celebrate the season at home! Indulge in our 36-page Festive Food special with our resident chef - Pete Evans and his ultimate cocktail menu as well as Margaret Fulton shares her favourite festive dishes. Also in this issue…

Holiday Cheer

Give your home an extra layer of love this Christmas with seven festive craft projects yule love.

Renovation Rescue

A family’s triumph over the Queensland floods with friends, workmates and complete strangers rallied around to help with the rescue.

Kitchen design ideas

Dreaming of a kitchen that can cater to a crowd? Don your chef’s hat and whip up your perfect space as we show you 20 tips to create a dream kitchen – entertainer’s style!

100 Christmas Gifts for under $100

We shopped to bring you 100 presents that won’t break the bank – plus a few extra luxe buys for those who’ve been very, very good this year!

All this and more in the December Issue of Home Beautiful magazine for only $7.50.

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