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How to make an outdoor oasis
How to make an outdoor oasis

Gather your supplies

  • 100mm x 3m Link Edge (3)
  • Link Edge connectors (3)
  • Link Edge spikes (12)
  • Link Edge guides (12)
  • Road base (1 tonne)
  • Deco-granite pre-mixed with cement (½ tonne)

You'll also need

Tropical-looking plants; stake; mallet; set-out paint; stringline; shovel; nail rake; screed; wheelbarrow; plate compactor; mulch; lump hammer

Here's how


Step 1

Choose a suitable area large enough to accommodate a 2.86m-dia circle, plus enough space for any surrounding plants. Remove lawn and weeds. Decide on centre of circle, drive in stake and tie stringline around. Measure out 1.43m, then tie other end of stringline around set-out paint can. With stringline taut, walk around space to draw circle.

Step 2

Lay aluminium edging according to manufacturer’s instructions. Excavate within circle to depth of 100mm and use rake to remove roots.

Step 3

Shovel road base into circle and spread evenly. Hose down, then compact to 70mm.

Step 4

Spread deco-granite over road base, spread with rake, then screed to smooth and level. Hose down and allow to set for at least 24 hours.

Step 5

Plant surrounding area, mulch and water well. Furnish and invite your mum to check her new spot – you’ll certainly be in her good books!

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